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The ways the World Events allocate the points you earn are:

You earn 3x more points from Breeding and Evolving than hatching so it is important to have your second den out

I'm not sure. All my bases are loaded, and I am ready to charge, but for some reason, I don't feel quite that excited about this LB

But do remember that you still get more points from breeding and evolving (3x) than from hatching (2x), unless you are hatching Ultra-Rare or Super-Rare dragons, which give you the bonus points.
Thank you for the reminder, deadpixel.

I'm ok with not getting the final dragon in this event - it isn't my favorite, and space is at a premium. However, if I had really liked the dragon, I would have been disappointed.

I have done some thinking recently about the importance of activating the second den and realized that it is important most of the time, but sometimes I try to save just a smidgen of money by skipping a week.