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Thread: Castle Story 1/2: Monster Hunt season 22 (Hiss in Boots)| event information on page 1

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    Quote Originally Posted by pocopicasso View Post
    Personally I don't care much for competing, it's ALL about the monster hunt & those pretty, shiny golden tokens..I got stuff to create!
    Haha, That's the spirit! Me too
    I can't imagine not knowing what to buy with the Golden Troll Tokens. I have such a long wish list!

    Good luck everyone!

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    Quote Originally Posted by nic_hawk View Post
    2nd kitty knight collection: 230 coins, ore and milk

    Wow. Those drops stink. Thank you for posting this and braving being one of the first to see the drops. Forum love sent your way.

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    My Kit in boot has only dropped milk so far. And a black flag for roast chicken.

    The Knight has only dropped an Earth Wisp as what might be considered "expansion materials" so I'll probably stick at one of those. I also find his animation slightly disturbing!

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    Quote Originally Posted by idrispad View Post
    My Kit in boot has only dropped milk so far. And a black flag for roast chicken.

    The Knight has only dropped an Earth Wisp as what might be considered "expansion materials" so I'll probably stick at one of those. I also find his animation slightly disturbing!
    Yep...the knight hardly seems worth those tokens & I'm no longer considering crafting a 2nd until I see how long it takes to actually drop a trade ticket or expansion permit. What a huge let down!!!
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    I cannot tell you how much I love and appreciate the forums! Such a big help thanks to everyone for posting such useful info/thoughts/etc! I have yet to ever buy anything with troll tokens, I?ve never had enough I?m trying like crazy. What do you guys recommend? I don?t have a cabbage hut. Should I save up for that or the research center? I have never had energy sources, I?m the most unsuccessful level 45 player ever.haha. I very rarely spend actual money....I guess that?s why-unless people have a way of getting alicorns I don?t know about

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    There are a few ways to get Alicorns. For normal weekly Alicorns you need to have the Love Shack. This was something you needed to build in an event years ago. You can get Sacred Wing and Sacred Horn doing adventures in the Kings/Queens Keep. The Horn and Wing can be converted into an Alicorn in the Love Shack. I now have 70 Alicorns, but it took me years of playing. One time I got an Alicorn from watching a video, but that is VERY rare (I watch those videos every day because of the gems reward). Then you have Royal Dark Unicorn, Sweetheart Unicorn, Destrier, Rouncey, Portia Bella, all weekly energy droppers from past events.

    I think it's impossible to get weekly energy droppers if you don't have the Love Shack. I guess it's S8's way to reward long time players.

    Daily energy droppers are available for gem purchase on a regular basis. Last week I bought Demetria. But if you manage to get some gold runes, you can buy a Rainbow Alicorn in the Rune Market. To be able to do this, you have to expand to the Elven Outpost. If you have a Mythic Research Center, you can summon 4 Armored Direwolfs, these will drop 20 or 40 energy once every 5 days or so, or Unicorns.

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    I feel the same way as a lot of you do. Every monster lb I get excited and want to kick a s s but I stand no chance unless I want to spend at least $20 to just keep up with other players. I?ve got 525 kitty tokens but I don?t know if I have enough supplies and time to convert them all. Even if I did, I?m sure the players with millions of alicorns will wipe me out at the last minute. So, that makes me bummed... However, Ronja is right. It?s one kitty. It?s one energy source. Daily Ali?s sometimes go on sale for 100 gems and that?s a heck of a lot cheaper than what I?d need to spend on this hunt.

    Oh, and I managed to craft 36 gold tokens so far, so that?s pretty awesome. I?m going for my first cabbage hut.
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    Can anyone please give me the real low down on which is better/worth it:
    Armored Kelpie or an Armored Siren?
    Seems like I ALWAYS need more clownfish or orange shells to move forward in "Of Land & Sea" if that helps
    I'm pretty much maxed out on other MRC stuff and finally just got enough gold tokens to craft one of them so any info will be greatly appreciated!
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    And in the continuing story of why NOT to waste your gold coins:

    3rd collection kitty knight: 230 coins, milk, jewel and wisp


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    My attitude is a bit different. I love cats and go for any opportunity to put them in my queendom. Somehow I landed in a fairly reasonable competition; started in 2nd place with a few hundred energies saved from the last days of the last event once I stopped trying. Someone came out of the blue and shot to 1st, but they don?t have an untoward number of alicorns so I think they must have used them up to take 1st.

    I have almost 30 guaranteed daily energy droppers built up over several years. So I?m currently just trying to stay close in 3rd place. Sometime in the last few hours, I will assess my competitors. Then if it looks reasonable, I will make one of those despised runs with my 11 weekly energies, and my 11 saved energy crates of various denominations, and ten of the gems I keep getting from crafting gold tokens.

    To be honest, I don?t care what the cats give. The cats themselves are the prize! Meow!

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