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Thread: Yuletide Gift Bash - December 8 2019

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    Yuletide Gift Bash - December 8 2019

    Gifts to open everyday woohoo.

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    Waiting for Judy or another Admin to takeover.

    An Icy Friend

    Get Deluxe Yuletide Gifts 31 (from daily goal or from market)
    Reward - 200 coins, Frosty Raccoon, 3xp

    Frosty Raccoon can stay in Rescue Pen or Snow Park

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    We have 31 days to complete this goal, so this will carry into next year.

    How To Play
    Each day, you will get a new task that has two parts. They repeat daily until end of event.

    Goal 1 of 2
    Visit 10 Community Farmers

    Goal 2 of 2
    Send 20 Planes

    There are 2 Yuletide Gifts
    Yuletide Gift is 50 gems in market
    Deluxe is 300 gems in market

    See Post 10 for side goal (Frozen Treats) that will reward a Deluxe Yuletide Gift (goal expires 12/14)
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