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Thread: GOAL: A Wonderful Time - 2019 December 03 (15 Days)

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    My goal appliances not dropping collectibles

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    Why couldn't they just leave them on the drinks machine? I really don't wanna build goal oven and holiday drink machine during goal time.

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    Not dropping collectibles

    Quote Originally Posted by xxEDLxx View Post
    Can't do side goal as I don't have the recipes for it. Please fix soon
    appliance not dropping collectibles

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    Quote Originally Posted by keithasimon View Post
    Buy the Holiday Drinks machine
    The appliance is only available to those who purchased it before. Some players don't have it

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    On the end of the last goal glitch the Holiday Smoothie recipe was on the regular drink machine I made some then I still have them in my restaurant remember it was giving the wrong collectibles I actually have a few now from making that holiday smoothie on the regular drink machine I have no access to a Holiday drink machine to make them now and they are no longer on my drink machine

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    Completing side goal without Holiday Drink machine?

    How are we supposed to complete the side goal without being able to buy the holiday drink machine? I do have one from last year but there is no way I can cook on one machine.

    Also I noticed last week that the holiday drinks were temporarily placed in the regular drink machine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chris232526 View Post
    I can not even find the holiday drink machine.
    Holiday drink machine is probably a 5+ year old appliance. I had 4 stored away from when it first appeared, but I did not see any ability to buy/build a new one. So that is the bug.

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    The first post has been updated with all the relevant details on the current goal.

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    I've never bought that cooker before

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    Holiday Sub Goal


    Dec 3, 12:40 PM PST

    A sub goal is asking me to make Spiced Eggnog & Holiday Smoothie. What appliances do I use to make these? Spiced Eggnog had been available on the regular drink machine for a day and then it was gone?

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