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Thread: Constructive Criticism (feedback) in my own words. Suggestions also.

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    Constructive Criticism (feedback) in my own words. Suggestions also.

    I love S8, all may pay goes to bakery story. Though lately, I haven't had much reason to spend moneys much other than on box/crates (as I don't have all of what I want from the box/crates) As the actual items in sales (on the market tab) aren't really worth buying, (I will get into it, because right now it just sounds like "it's bad" rather then actual criticism)

    It's not really worth buying because it seems like it's been on the market each year, take example the recent "Black Friday" sale. which the offerings is ok for newer players, but for older players or people who have played longer then a year, there is really nothing new to buy. Which isn't good For like I said, older players.

    However on a positive note, I do see improvement among S8. As they have been improving lately (as much as they can, at the current moment) which I most definitely think is a step in great direction.

    However, I do hope my suggestions aren't thought of as "rude" or flammable, as that is not my intention.
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