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Thread: Unlocking remaing goals

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    Unlocking remaing goals

    I want the goals that were not complete and the time in which to complete them has passsed that the remaining recipe(s) be unlocked.
    Its only fair,that you bought a $30,000 oven and have only1 or 2 cooking options.when the oven comes with 3 options

    I have ovens n only 1 recipe to cook how fair is that?

    This needs to looked into.

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    I will second that feedback.

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    Why do I not get any baking goals. The only goals I get are to install new games. I don't want to continually install new games

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    Suggestion To Unlock Deep Sea Oven Goal Recipes

    Dear Storm8/Bakery Story Development Team,

    Hello, how are you? I recently finished constructing the Deep Sea Oven. I have the Cream Puffer Fish recipe, but the Grape Berrier Reef and Sea Sponge Cake are locked by a goal. I received word that these goals were not going to be out, so I would really appreciate if you could add them into the game so me, and a bunch of other users can unlock the recipes. I play Bakery Story a lot, and I would be very happy, and I'm sure a bunch of other players would be, if we were able to unlock the Sea Sponge Cake and the Grape Berrier Reef recipes. Or, you can make them not require a goal, and just be unlockable at a certain level, like most other recipes. Thanks, and best regards.

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    Yesssss! It is not fair. They need to grant us the option to unlock ovens and recipes after goal expired and at a reasonable price like less than 20 gems or better yet coins instead of gems

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    Hello! I'm new to this forum and sorry if I'm now really you know not knowing anything...
    Anyway, I want more goals. I want to have ovens but unlucky all of them are locked with goals. And I only have deep sea oven, starry oven (i couldnt really remember if this was a goals?) and sweet co. please i want more goals and stove. thank you so much

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    Re-Offering Past Goals

    I think this has been suggested before but it would really be nice if we were offered previous goals. Maybe we could be given the choice to either participate in the new goal or unlock an old one. some of the older goals had nicer decor, in my opinion anyway. I noticed they did this during Halloween, but it would be nice to see this again for other goals.

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    Bring back locked appliances

    The locked appliances are the best!! I have been drooling over them for the longest!! Heart bakers oven, Alice in wonderland oven, tea party prepper and the quaint stove! I just want to see more cute bakery stuff. Please give us all a chance to get these items. Thank you so much

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    Bring back locked stoves and mixers

    It would be nice to have the option to get the locked items for a limited time. There are so many things I would love to have. These new goal items are just not to my likings. Please bring back the locked appliances for a little while in between goals. It would make a huge difference for this baker😊

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