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Thread: SALE: 2019 November 29 - Black Friday!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Natasha_07 View Post
    I'm completely disappointed with this sale, last year's was better as they went all out and put all the boxes on sale too.

    It's sad they didn't include the Christmas Present & Holiday Box.

    I tried once again for the gingerbread house and no luck with that box, they won't put it outside either.

    They only items I got which I really wanted from the boxes were gift display, donut tree, bag of gifts and snowy cake.

    I really was hoping they would put the 3rd & 4th place prizes from multiple boxes since those were the ones I was most interested in, well this sucks!
    Last "Black Friday" sale was honestly so much better, it was actually a "Black Friday" sale compared to this 1. Some box/crates aren't even half off! That goes to show this sale was just half of what it could've been. And to even think this is the most I've spend it just 1 setting, is astounding. (However, I still wouldn't trade my Monster Mash or 2nd Spooky Party for anything)

    However, now that you mentioned it, there is literally nothing from the box/crates on the market this year, not even 3rd/4th place prizes.

    Anyway. I do hope future sales improve. Hopefully, as also, they could lose costumers that way 2. (In specifics, PAYING CUSTOMERS) which would be painful to see, as that is what my pay goes to.
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    Can anyone help me? I lost the Holiday Dog I purchased today while putting it on display in my bakery. Thank you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by flyingdragons88 View Post
    Can anyone help me? I lost the Holiday Dog I purchased today while putting it on display in my bakery. Thank you.
    If that happens & the item isn't in the deco tab, close the game & then restart it. If that doesn't work, restart your phone. Usually that's what I do & the item will be in the deco tab when I go back & look.
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    I stopped playing a little over a week ago. Way too tired to BS ruling my life and having to worry every time I am not totally up on a goal or can’t collect because I’m in a movie or an airplane. The ads that start playing at random intervals was the last straw. Even so I poked in to see what happened for the Black Friday sale. Who knows, there might be some Gem Dispensers or something else interesting. Nope. A pretty boring Black Friday sale. Certainly not enough to get me to start playing again.

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    Thank you, I found the item :-)

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    why are people complaining about the non xmas items? it's a black friday sale, not xmas sale. if you want the items and tiles then wait a bit longer

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    Quote Originally Posted by fluffyfoot View Post
    Is anyone else slightly let down by this sale?
    Same. Super disappointed. I was hoping for cute Christmas items. 😢

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    Not as disappointing as the year we only had 6 items, but definitely takes second place for the most disappointing black friday sales ever

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    Missing chairs for black friday sale

    Where are the matching chairs for the tables that are a part of the sale. What?s the point?

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    I know! I'd been waiting for the snowy tables and chairs and bought the tables but there's no matching chairs!

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