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Thread: Castle Story: 2019 Black Friday Sales information

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    I know!! I bought gems the last time they were on sale for an ali and the cabbage hut I am anxious for the list to see what energy droppers are the best!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ninjalejones View Post
    And no ali’s
    I am gutted. Have been looking forward to this for the better part of a year, saved up, bought the hugest gem package last month, avoided all gem traps, even saved a bit more.... well, I guess I will wait for Information from intrepid buyers. Am hoping that some of these are at least like weeklies, e.g. round table.

    Thank you in advance for all helping w guides, information and advice.

    Truly, I am shocked at the lack of alis on sale. On the back of the impossible mission event ... really not sure what S8 is trying to do here.
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    I like that there are some royal decos that cost coins instead of gems
    but sad there are no ali's
    the Gold Mines are on sale, no Beastbane.
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    Click image for larger version. 

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    3x3 footprint 22hr timer.

    Bought gems for Ali...can't believe there are none.

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    Does anyone see any plots of land on sale??

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    Wow, no alicorns. I spent two months saving up, making things for sweet feast adventures and doing gem trades. One sad puppy over here. I am at 124 and hoped to get a flower power for 100 or 125. I'm looking at the reindeer stable because it's cute and I've enjoyed it on other people's kingdoms.

    Are ANY of these energy droppers?

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    I bought the Chimera when it was first introduced and I believe it was between 400-600 Gems. It drops random energy and 22 hour timer, I usually get between 2-7 energy each collection. Hopefully that helps anyone who wants the Chimera.

    P.S. I also have Valkyrie and Ianthe they are 22 hour timer and drop random energy. I have gotten 2-10 usually.
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    5 plots. 3 expansion permits and 225,000 coins. Don’t know the map, but around 8 o’clock on map

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    Im kinda underwhelmed tbh. I bought the knights table as that has been advertised as an energy dropper and looks new and interesting (oh and you can only buy one. It disappears from choices after purchase)

    Lots of gems to spend but nothing to spend it on. *sad*

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    To my knowledge, the beast statues do NOT drop token anymore, is that correct?

    edit add: the Penguin says it drops monster resources.. what does that mean exactly?

    edit add add: I got Ianthe, Valkyrie, and the Monarch Wyvern (9 hr timer) will post back with drops.
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