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Not necessary. When we selet, 'select all' option, there always an option to uncheck the boxes to exclude some. Here, it should be there to save time in bulk gifting for players having many neighbours. I also gift specific gift to regular players who ask me on my wall and I gift parts in bulk to the rest including the players who never bother to tip or gift back. As I never delete anybody , mass gifting would be a better option.
I do understand. I guess I have been playing these games for so long (longer than I care to admit I probably did think that mass gifting was a good idea. I think, back then, too, I didn't have as many neighbors as I have now. And now the game has changed so much, that many of my neighbors don't even do some goals, especially the 5 day goals. As for myself, I still prefer the current way of gifting, but I do see your point.