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Thread: App keep stopping

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    App keep stopping

    I open my app and it keep stopping and closing what should I do I uninstalled and reinstalled and it keep closing

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    Yup experiencing the same thing too

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    It's been going on all day for me. Can we get confirmation from a mod that this has been reported?

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    Any technical issues experienced while playing should be reported in the Restaurant Story Bugs Forum which the team checks more frequently than this one:

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    Have been experiencing the same issues all day as well. Glad to know I am not the only one. Hopefully the issue gets resolved soon.

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    got the same prob whole day today

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    Same problem here. Will report it.

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    I posted on the bugs forum, as have a dozen or more others... not sure if others in this thread noticed, it's only happening for me when using the goal ovens. If I ignore them, my other ovens dont crash the game, & I can collect tips, etc. Doesnt help those of you still completing the goal (all I need is the recipes currently finished on my 2nd ovens, so I feel the pain!)

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    Same here. Messaged all my neighbors today. A bunch of them are experiencing the same. All android users. If this can't be fixed, I'll have to stop playing. It's not the same if I can't do goals or new appliances.

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    It's happening to me too. It started happening yesterday. It does it when I try to serve or cook my food on the goal ovens. It's getting very annoying.
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