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Thread: How to make food last

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    How to make food last

    I am new to Restaurant story and the food goes too fast . I do block the door but as soon as I open it the food is gone in minutes. Is this normal not having enough food .? And please add me . I am new and please have patience with me as I learn . Thank you .

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    Blocking the door is not recommended because the game is built on the foundation of customers constantly entering. It may seem like it's helping but more often than not all it does is make your food sell even faster. The way I understand it, it works like this: When you block the door your game still thinks customers are entering even though they physically are not. When you unblock the door, the game tallies all of the customers it thinks entered while it was blocked and subtracts that food from your counters in seconds. This is when all the food on your counters can disappear quickly in what players call a 'flash sale or a quick sale.'

    It will be a struggle to keep food on the counters at first (even long time players can struggle) but once you unlock some longer timed recipes with higher yields, you'll find a balance that works for your playing style. Having 100 happy customers all the time doesn't actually provide anything to your game playing so it's not a big deal if it dips down on occasion and it goes back up quickly when it does dip down. Also, the counter only changes when your app is open so it's a good idea to only open the app when you know you have recipes to serve. This way, every time you open your app you'll have food to serve and keep the customers happy.

    Here's a link to the CookBook thread:

    It lists every recipe for the basic appliances and their stats. You might want to browse through it to find the best recipes for your playing style. For instance, if you know you can log in every three hours, you can use the food list to find the three hour recipes with the highest food yield.

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    Thank you ! Everyone keeps saying to just block the door . Thank you for the advice ❤️

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    Quote Originally Posted by itsjustdonna1964 View Post
    Thank you ! Everyone keeps saying to just block the door . Thank you for the advice ❤️
    I visited your place and left a suggestion.

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    AnnriasSweets is correct. The game will usually quick-sell all of your inventory if you block the door to your store. When you block the door, you may not see the customers coming in, but the system will still recognize them walking in and buying your items. When you open your door again, the consumption that took place while your door was blocked catches up, which is why it looks like you instantly lost all of your items.

    If you want to avoid the quick-sell, don't block your door.
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    Blocking the door is a rookie mistake. No big whup.

    Don't worry too much about keeping all the customers happy all the time. If they're even 75% happy, that's great.

    If you keep playing, the food will start adding up. Don't worry. Just play. It will happen.

    Any advice sgoetz gives you will be good advice.

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    put less tables in your restaurant where customers can access and eat. it should slow down the speed of your food eaten

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    I have 114 countertops and each losses about 20 dishes an hour

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    Hi! The farther the customer has to walk to table and back to door, the slower food sells. I have my tables close to door so they are streaming in and out so I can make a lot of money quickly. Also get as many appliances as quickly as possible so you can cook many at same time. I think now I have 26 appliance slots, But it SURE took some time and effort!!!!! Trial and error also!! Happy playing!!

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