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Thread: How do I transfer my game to my new android phone?

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    How do I transfer my game to my new android phone?

    Hey sorry I know this topic has been brought up but I've searched and I've searched and I can't find it. I got a new phone and it's an android. It has a great screen and I'd like to transfer my game from my old iphone to my new android. Could someone put up a link to how I do that? Thank you.

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    Does the game have an account switching feature? (Storm8 logo on top right corner, click Account Settings)

    For some reason my android phone does but not the android tablet.

    If not, just download another S8 game that does have it (I use Fantasy Forest Story).
    Then log in with your old username and password.

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    If you play on android or IOS you can transfer your storm ID and games over to your new device. Please see the step by step instructions here in this post - Transfer your game / Logon on Feature.

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