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Thread: Free Gem Videos Not Loading

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    Free Gem Videos Not Loading

    I recently switched my Bakery to a new device (both androids). Everything is working fine except my Free Gem Videos, they will not load. I have the icon available to click and watch the videos, just like on my old phone, but every time I click to watch one it attempts to load for 2-3 seconds then I get a pop-up that says "Oh Darn! Sorry, the video failed to load. Please try again later".....
    It's been over a week now, I have tried clicking it multiple times in a row to see if I can get at least one to load; checking my internet (connection is fine); restarting my device; uninstalling the game and reinstalling. I'm not sure what to do. And everytime I play, that free gem video icon is taunting me because I know it isn't working and I'm missing out on free gems!
    Any ideas to fix this issue?! I submitted a ticket to Storm8 Support and got the response "We have limited support services for Bakery Story and will not be able to respond to individual requests. We apologize for the inconvenience."
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    I have the exact same issue. I switched to a new device and the videos won't load. They still load on my old phone when on wifi. I don't want to find a new game to play but if I can never load videos for gems again I just might. Sadly it looks like they are slowing stopping support for this game and may eventually end it.

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    My free ads icon doesn?t even pop up anymore. It?s been a month since I was able to get any free gems from
    Watching ads

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    Same problem. The free gem icon is there but won't load the videos. I also just switched to a new device. Contacted support and got the same message to visit forums

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    Hi peeps, I'm having the same issues, I can't watch video's for free gems, & it's really annoying, because I'm running out of gems now...considering quitting bakery story if it doesn't get resolved

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    ]Hi peeps, I'm having the same issues, I can't watch video's for free gems, & it's really annoying, because I'm running out of gems now...considering quitting bakery story if it doesn't get resolved[/QUOTE]

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    My own opinion.

    Well, on some little decoys I own, I try to watch some free gem videos because of me wanting to decorate bits and pieces here and there, or just try to get a new item from a new box/crate, to see if I want to actually splurge out on bakeries where I have to spend real money on to get said gems. Well, regardless - on some bakeries (decoys/smaller ones) I try to watch the free gem videos, and about some time ago, I tried to get gems, and the videos many and countless times, I tapped and tapped, and I still couldn't get any because of a video loading error.

    I closed the game - shut down my phone, and still nothing wanting to load or work.

    Surely they're losing money or potential money from this, even if it isn't a lot of money.

    My main complaint is - the fact we've get forced ads upon us, and unfortunately we get nothing, no gems or etc from it.

    But when we try to willingly try to watch ads from the free gem video thing, we also get nothing or nothing wants to work.

    For me at times - I've been lucky enough to get the free gem video ad here and there; and it does want to load, but even though rarely, it will make me watch it all, and I get nothing even though I've sat and watched it all (like I've said) it likes to freeze after the ad is over or during that ad, so I get nothing. But I'm confused

    However, luckily I rely on none of this, because I rarely use or care about them bakeries. But it still frustrating, in a way.

    I've not gotten a new device (phone) since about either September or august. So for me, I don't think that's a problem. However, to be fair, I've not noticed the problems until after I got a new phone. Because when I was using a different one (the one before this one) I've never had experienced this problems.

    I use an iPhone 6s. Also, I'm not entirely sure if that plays part.

    I just hope it can be different so I can support them in a way I want to, when I'm not buying gems.

    Because not all the time can I - or will I, always spend real money on this game.

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    I didn't know of this feature! No such icon/button appears con my device (android) 😕

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