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  • Overall, I enjoyed this event

    13 5.51%
  • Overall, I did not enjoy this event

    194 82.20%
  • I didn't participate

    12 5.08%
  • Could not get past goal 9 (armor shine)

    63 26.69%
  • I spent gems/money on this event and finished

    51 21.61%
  • I spent gems/money on this event and DIDN'T finish

    80 33.90%
  • Crafted 1 or more Mud Puddle Pigs

    170 72.03%
  • Crafted 1 or more Big Bad Skunkupine

    166 70.34%
  • Crafted 1 or more Big Bad Fangbeast

    176 74.58%
  • Finished with no gems or money spent

    18 7.63%
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Thread: Castle Story 11/21: The Wee Little Pig | event information on page 1

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    This is only the 2nd event that I won’t be able to finish. The first one was because I was on a family vacation. I’ve been playing for over a year. Sad face

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    Quote Originally Posted by perry5 View Post
    I finally managed to finish goal 9 late last night and finished my 3rd pig mid this afternoon. The drop quantities needed and rates/timing for these last items (twine and fur) are simply ridiculous. I have to believe that no one at S8 actually bothered to do the math on this one. I'm upset that I wasted valuable time and energy even bothering to attempt this event, all for naught. All that was needed was to make the armor shine drops consistent (I had several collections with NO shine drops at all) to make this one doable. Again, S8 missing the difference between what is challenging yet fun vs. plain frustrating. So silly.

    P.S. And NOW at 5:15pm EST with 2 days to go we get a gift of 8 shine, 2 helmets and ONE wolf trap? This might have helped 1-2 days ago, but it's far too little, too late to be of much help to most if us who were stuck on goal 9 for more than a week. What is needed now is a gift of about 30 fur and twine! Or at least make the cottage a guarantee wolf spawn!
    That Was exactly what I was thinking too... Too little too late. Give us the fur we so desperately need now.

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    It has to be a glitch that I don’t get armor shine-I still don’t have enough to make my second helmet. That can’t be right. I login hourly. It’s obsessive. I’m so confused. Not the end of the world but so confusing that this is impossible for me. Someone stated before it’s like running a marathon with a broken leg and that was a very apt description! Am I just randomly handicapped for this challenge or is it a glitch??

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    Quote Originally Posted by AinoDK View Post
    This will be the first event since the Onyx that I won't finish. I still need 50 twines! I guess I can live without another trade ticket dropper and a silly antropomorphed walker, but while I enjoy a challenge unreasonable requirements are not amusing.

    Storm8 please don't use the template for this event ever again.
    Ditto on the request.
    Not accepting neighbors. Sorry. Gratitude for all forum contributors and leaders. This game would be unplayable without you.

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    It is just the random drops. It took me 7 days to get the 24 armor shine to make the pigs and then of course in the last 24 hours I have gotten 10 from the mines (not including the 8 from the gift-for a total of 18). It is extremely frustrating when you login and play continuously and still can?t get the requirements to fulfill the goals.

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    seriously S8, 2 days left on this event and free gift is goal 9 stuff that is useless at this point, lol yeah that?s like getting coal in your stocking on xmas!!

    i am actually STILL on goal 9 even after this free gift, days of mostly no drops from mines, a cottage wolf that is MIA almost all day, the mostly one drop from haystack which we need loads of and the days of waiting for rare clubs early on for this event has been the worse by far and shows just how ?unthankful? the S8 developers were for us players this thanksgiving the heck they thought having an event with mostly all rare drops and needing lots of them too was a good idea is kinda mind boggling. me thinks the ones that come up with these events should be made to play it out before it is release, maybe then they will see just how beyond ridiculous the events with rare drops have become!! just a bad thought out event but, on the bright side, i still have loads of energy saved up instead of it all being depleted on goals after goal 9 that there is no way to accomplish in time left..

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    I don't care what S8 says about not manipulating drops & spawn rates during events. The further into the event one gets is the worse the drop rate and spawn rate become. The problem with this event is that we couldn't front load the shine or the fur since they didn't become available until later down in the event when...of course, the spawn and drop rates become impossible. I bought at least one or two of the value packs. I know that there is no way I could have gotten to level 12 already if I had not done so. Even so, it will be down to the wire for me with this event. I can't check in every two hours.
    I have, however, noticed that instead of a wolf spawn rate of 1 out of 3 pigs, the spawn rate has increased to 2 out of 3. The spawn rate for the cottage is still annoyingly random, though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cheezsnak View Post
    This is only the 2nd event that I won?t be able to finish. The first one was because I was on a family vacation. I?ve been playing for over a year. Sad face
    Same here...only other event I couldn't finish I was traveling in Europe for 3 CS but not enough to miss a moment of that! Despite logging in throughout the Thanksgiving holiday, all while cooking and visiting with family, I STILL could not overcome the paltry, inconsistent drops of shine from the mills. With about 30 hours left to play I have only managed to craft one fur. It's a lost cause.
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    It?s highly unlikely I?ll make it either. Only about to make my second fur. Just in case do you think I can pre make the other items needed to upgrade? Will they count towards upgrade if I do them now? Has anyone tried? Thanks 🥰

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    Quote Originally Posted by chachacherryroyale View Post
    It?s highly unlikely I?ll make it either. Only about to make my second fur. Just in case do you think I can pre make the other items needed to upgrade? Will they count towards upgrade if I do them now? Has anyone tried? Thanks 🥰
    Yes, the pre-made items will count.
    Four furs will take 4 days, but there's always hope. you've got high hopes!

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