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  • Overall, I enjoyed this event

    13 5.51%
  • Overall, I did not enjoy this event

    194 82.20%
  • I didn't participate

    12 5.08%
  • Could not get past goal 9 (armor shine)

    63 26.69%
  • I spent gems/money on this event and finished

    51 21.61%
  • I spent gems/money on this event and DIDN'T finish

    80 33.90%
  • Crafted 1 or more Mud Puddle Pigs

    170 72.03%
  • Crafted 1 or more Big Bad Skunkupine

    166 70.34%
  • Crafted 1 or more Big Bad Fangbeast

    176 74.58%
  • Finished with no gems or money spent

    18 7.63%
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Thread: Castle Story 11/21: The Wee Little Pig | event information on page 1

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    I decided to just give up and work on other quests. Too frustrating and not worth my energy for the prize. I?m quite happy with all my BF purchases. Much more than this. And happier to make some expansions, work on gaining more money to expand and get further in the quests as I have several open and many plots still.

    Good luck to those who are trying to make it! Happy Cyber Monday!
    Proud Owner: Dolphin Palace
    Play often, help w/ requests & gifts. Looking for 1-2 40+ to exchange wisps I have great neighbors I gift but they?re often full. I gift back in order so it would be 1-2 days

    Love the game & aesthetics, want it to look real/fun & true! During quests sadly aesthetics put aside for collections, but happy when over. Have expansions to improve as well!
    Still part of the confirmation button club!

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    So my pig pen is now deco. Anyone else? Also I got the gift but it wasn’t very useful at this stage. Sigh. Still working on my second roll of fur. I don’t think I will make it. First event since I hit level 50!

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    I'm glad that those still working on the event and needing those items got them. I believe it was enough to material to craft 1 armored pig.

    I got the gift as well, but unless there is another gift coming, the people that needed those items had absolutely no chance of completing this event anyway. There just isn't enough time left to collect everything for the rolls of fur. If you don't sleep and collect from the armored pigs exactly as it becomes available again, you can collect enough twine to make 2 rolls of fur per day. We have to craft 6 in total so need at least 3 days, but the event ends in 2 days and 2 hours (as of right now). This doesn't even factor in the random spawn of the big wolf either that drop the 84 soft furs you need. (I'd guess 33% spawn rate from the armored pigs and 50% from cottage)

    The current value pack contains 1 roll of fur so I really don't expect another gift with the materials needed for it, but if they do give another gift, it needs to contain alot of the twine and soft fur to make it possible for most to complete the event.

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    I can't craft armored pig without light armor,i m only lv20 only,what should i do?

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    Quote Originally Posted by perry5 View Post
    I finally managed to finish goal 9 late last night and finished my 3rd pig mid this afternoon. The drop quantities needed and rates/timing for these last items (twine and fur) are simply ridiculous. I have to believe that no one at S8 actually bothered to do the math on this one. I'm upset that I wasted valuable time and energy even bothering to attempt this event, all for naught. All that was needed was to make the armor shine drops consistent (I had several collections with NO shine drops at all) to make this one doable. Again, S8 missing the difference between what is challenging yet fun vs. plain frustrating. So silly.

    P.S. And NOW at 5:15pm EST with 2 days to go we get a gift of 8 shine, 2 helmets and ONE wolf trap? This might have helped 1-2 days ago, but it's far too little, too late to be of much help to most if us who were stuck on goal 9 for more than a week. What is needed now is a gift of about 30 fur and twine! Or at least make the cottage a guarantee wolf spawn!
    I agree. I finished goal 9 yesterday. I guess S8 had a week off for holiday.

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    Just woke up to the “gift” from Storm8.
    Completely useless for ALL players.
    The items gifted came too late to help anyone.

    I’m almost finished - just collecting materials for my last Roll Of Fur.
    This has been an intensive event! Can’t wait to be done with it.

    I think the main issue with this new format was the Armour Shine - it should’ve been a guaranteed drop or have had lower requirements.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZOOMANIA69 View Post
    Finally got through nine, placed all 3 Armored Pigs and upgraded to lvl 6. Started collecting from the pigs and fought the wolf, then like groundhog day it reverts back to the need to upgrade lvl 6 again. Over and over again. Of course the pigs do not revert to being ready to collect. This event has been annoying. I've tried closing and restarting. I gemmed the last few bottles I needed in nine out of aggravation only to hit another roadblock!
    Edit: Do I need to put in a ticket? It still won't upgrade to level 6 and allow me to progress. All this time, effort, and money useless as the clock ticks down on this event.
    Power of the post. Finally got the leveling up to stick then got the gifts that were no longer needed. Will continue on and hope for the best. The random drops and glitches on this one has left many of us now trying to play catch up.

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    It looks like this may be the first event ever that I'm not able to complete! Unless S8 is willing to help us out with the twine and fur, many players will not be able to finish. Currently, I'm working on the second roll of fur. Please help S8!!!

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    Just finished crafting my first armored pig. Adorable. Only good thing about this event are all the crafted animals and their animations.

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    I didn't get the gift, didn't need it as I finished the pigs Sunday night. ( of course as someone stated, even for those still working on the pigs don't have time to finish). Finishing the pigs when I did, I don't have time to finish either. I figure if I wake up every 2 hours tonight, I'll make my third fur at 9 am Tuesday, my fourth at 9 Tuesday night, 5 th at 9 am Weds and the event ends at 2 pm, 7 hours short. That's if I can actually collect every 2 hours until the event ends... crazy.

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