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  • Overall, I enjoyed this event

    13 5.51%
  • Overall, I did not enjoy this event

    194 82.20%
  • I didn't participate

    12 5.08%
  • Could not get past goal 9 (armor shine)

    63 26.69%
  • I spent gems/money on this event and finished

    51 21.61%
  • I spent gems/money on this event and DIDN'T finish

    80 33.90%
  • Crafted 1 or more Mud Puddle Pigs

    170 72.03%
  • Crafted 1 or more Big Bad Skunkupine

    166 70.34%
  • Crafted 1 or more Big Bad Fangbeast

    176 74.58%
  • Finished with no gems or money spent

    18 7.63%
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Thread: Castle Story 11/21: The Wee Little Pig | event information on page 1

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    you got an "i'm sorry gift"? i havent gotten anything
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    Quote Originally Posted by shortdanzr View Post
    its saturday evening. anyone else still stuck on goal 9 waiting on shine?
    I am I got 1 helmet done.

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    Waiting for helmets to drop for over 2 days after defeating the biggest baddest wolf. And he is only rarely piping up after visiting the straw hut. I know it said random drops but how random is random. I think it should be more often then 0 in 2 days! How will collect enough to make three repaired helmets?

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    Quote Originally Posted by shambalaya View Post
    I was a little quicker than I thought I would be, 4 full days to compete goal 12. Pheeew...

    I'm happy to have another trade ticket source and I quite like the prancing pig, it's adorably playful, irreverent and naughty!
    Your post gave me some hope as i am now just crafting the 1st fur and will not complete if i need another 5 days for the other 5 furs. May be possible if need 4 days esp i will not be able to log in that regularly during weekdays. This is a ridiculously near to impossible event with so many random drops...

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    I just started goal 12 and I?m doubtful that I can complete this event. I normally have no trouble completing them with 2-3 days to spare (these forums help a ton to help plan ahead for drops/resources). I?ve even been more active for this event due to surgery that has kept me in bed and waking regularly in the night to take pain meds (and to check in and collect as well). All of these random drops/spawns that hold up steps for days at a time (and a few within this same event!) are awful. I?m appreciative of the effort to maintain a long running game like this, but this event is way out there. I don?t know how anyone could complete it without gems/money. I know that gets said for a lot of events but it?s never been an issue for me. Big miss to S8 for this one...
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    I feel like someone peed in my wheaties too, lol! The events have been getting harder and harder, and if someone w rough sleep in hospital (best wishes for recovery!) is having trouble... fuggedaboutit. I stopped. Too much work, too random, too low chance of finishing. I refuse to be bullied into buying packs to barely complete. I would have loved the trade ticket dropper. NOT HAPPY w S8 tactics. Love the game, mugging customer base over Thanksgiving appalling.
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    I?m still stuck on goal 9 and need 7 more helmet shine things and I?ve been collecting from my 2 mines as much as I can. It?s really frustrating 😤 how can they expect me to finish if the items are rarely dropping? The drop rate is getting worse each time they do another event.

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    Fast worker boost isn't working. It has doubled the time instead of cutting it in half I started this at 4 this morning at 6 I checked it and I still had 4 hours and 14 minutes on the timer to make wisp lanterns so I guess I won't be taking advantage of the discounted expansion. This sucks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Amore1234567 View Post
    Yup. Still stuck. Going on to day 8 of goal 9. I doubt I?m going to finish this. Still need one more armor shine. I have been logging in A LOT, too. I?d say this is the worst event ever. Very unrealistic. Drop rates for armor shine have been awful. Roughly, 3 per day when I collect 5 times from 2 sparking mines. (3/10 collection rate)

    S8 has popped up with an ?I?m sorry gift? for a whole lot less strife. I?m hoping they see their error on this cuz I?m NOT HAPPY about this. I watch a lot of commercials and purchased gems for previous Black Fridays (though I refuse to right now because of this garbage event) grrrrr. I feel like someone peed in my Wheaties.
    Right there with you....the random/non-existent armor shine drops are killing me, as are the loose straw drops from hay pile. I still need 5 armor shine to get through goal 9. Doubt I will finish this one.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kiryuuku123 View Post
    I?m still stuck on goal 9 and need 7 more helmet shine things and I?ve been collecting from my 2 mines as much as I can. It?s really frustrating  how can they expect me to finish if the items are rarely dropping? The drop rate is getting worse each time they do another event.
    They *expect* you to buy gems or packs to finish. They're counting on that to happen.

    Question : I see this info in post 1 about a boar. But I have never had the ability to craft a boar in my pig pen. Was this early on in the event and offered for only a limited time?

    Info: A brutish looking pig with tusks. Drops extra pig coins, mud and swine twine during the event
    Crafted: Pig Pen during The Wee Little Pig event
    Drops: event items as described above
    Collection time: 2 hours

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