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  • Overall, I enjoyed this event

    13 5.51%
  • Overall, I did not enjoy this event

    194 82.20%
  • I didn't participate

    12 5.08%
  • Could not get past goal 9 (armor shine)

    63 26.69%
  • I spent gems/money on this event and finished

    51 21.61%
  • I spent gems/money on this event and DIDN'T finish

    80 33.90%
  • Crafted 1 or more Mud Puddle Pigs

    170 72.03%
  • Crafted 1 or more Big Bad Skunkupine

    166 70.34%
  • Crafted 1 or more Big Bad Fangbeast

    176 74.58%
  • Finished with no gems or money spent

    18 7.63%
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Thread: Castle Story 11/21: The Wee Little Pig | event information on page 1

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kikilieb View Post
    I have been noticing the same thing and more and more almost every item is only attainable to the select few who either have massive armies of energy or a lot of time to log in every two hours. This is the first event i put effort into, i have only finished a few events all YEAR. Why... because i have a job, and a family, and friends, and a house to take care off.

    The amount of energy required in this game is totally undoable.

    The very few events i have finished was only because i bought energy packs. Well now even the energy packs do not help.

    This game was fun when i put the limited time i have and money and actually got the item.

    This time i put in way more time then i should, when the time causes stress instead of fun, and when i spend MONEY to relieve the stress and STILL can't complete the tasks.... then the game has become soley for the people with massive energy supply. S8 has made it undoable for me with only 8 weekly alicorns.

    And yet they have NONE for sale on black friday?!? I only spent 1200 gems this BF, last year i spent three times as much!

    I have not participated in an event for many months, not since the puppet show. I have started a few and quit very early (ice cream mountain and sharks are the two i started and quit very early do to limited energy and do to being at work)

    I very much REGRET not quitting this when i said i would, i was going to quit then i thought, nah let me give it a chance. Well i regret it very, very much. After spending TIME and MONEY and receiving NOTHING in return. This game definitely has not improved since the last event i tried so hard to finish, the puppet show, it has not changed and it has actually gotten WORSE.

    I will go back to focusing on expansions and storylines, they are completely free and i only log in when i can
    I did the same spent about 200 gems to try and finish and I can not. I am so disgisted I will absolutely NOT be playing the next event nor will I be buying any more gems. Thats it, I am done. Good work Storm 8 and happy thanksgiving to you too 😠
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    Energy wasn't the issue with this event. I've got 33 weekly Alis and many daily droppers. If you couldn't play the game every two hours and had bad luck with drops, you were doomed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kikilieb View Post
    ........Maybe this comment will have me banned from the forum. Well, i hope not, but maybe it will. I have to live with that prospect.
    I don't see why it would. You aren't swearing, being mean/snarky, name-calling, etc. You are expressing an opinion. If we didn't speak out about how we, the customers, react to the game, how could they improve without spending $$$ on "focus groups" or "testing groups" or other things businesses spend money on to get customer feedback? S8 supports the Forum, which IMHO is a smart way to get customer feedback. If they didn't want our 2 cents worth of opinion, I don't think we would have a Forum. So we say when we loooove things, and also when we don't.
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    I too am so disheartened. I think this says it all -
    I was playing Mahjong with my family when my alarm went off. Sorry, I have to do this a minute.
    What HAVE TO. This has to stop.
    Without interrupting daily life this wasn't possible.
    HAVE TO isn't the same as want to.

    Yes I finished, I bought a package and used lots of gems to hurry the piggies.
    Have promised myself not to do this again.

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    Was the gift from S8 meant to just rub salt into our wounds because it was too late to be helpful to anyone (or maybe somehow convince people to spend more money)? Or do they really not understand their own game and thought it would be helpful? Either way, really, really sad.

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    Well its quite disappointing
    Been working hard to complete the event. And realised i would be no where near finished
    The last few days has alarms going off to remember to collect but its not been enough
    And really its a bit much to do a whole event like that. Maybe i would have finished if i did but yeah its too much

    I like the variety in castle story events and things. Theres a lot to like in the game.

    So please make the events doable

    But its no good if the events are too hard to complete
    I got stuck with poor drops from the mines and took too many days to complete that part

    So well i hoped we would get some extra days on this. Or better drops. But nope.

    Had i known earlier i might not have bothered attempting this event

    If the next event is as hard i might throw my hands in the air

    I like to enjoy doing an event, not become a slave to it.

    Its supposed to be my entertainment.

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    I see I'm not alone in not being able to finish this event. I usually do--been quite a long time since I haven't completed an event. I have been pretty busy, so I didn't take the time to calculate where I was & what I still needed, etc. I wish I had...could've saved a lot of time, trouble, energy, & of course, gems. I finally realized last night that there's no way I can make it unless I buy a bunch of furs & twine. I have everything else done. What a waste! I'm so mad at myself for doing all these tasks instead of spending that time doing more important things!
    I should have realized early on that this was not doable for me, unless I spent lots of gems. Like others, energy wasn't the problem for me. Just not enough material dropping to craft what was needed. I hope S8 learns something from this so it won't be like this again!

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    I?ve been wondering what the gift was that people have been mentioning. Well, with 42 minutes left in the Wee little pig event, my gift showed up. Really helpful at this point in my game.

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    Didn't finish. Not enough time to get the required number of swine twine as the collecting the Armor Shine took up way too much time.

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    I did finally finish this event-by the hair on my chinny, chin, chin! I did have to gem my last fur thingy-I got it in the workshop about 15 minutes before the end so I thought "I have come this far, I might as well finish even if it means spending gems. I am not even sure what the prize is? Is it the piggy cottage, the piggy walker or what? I sure hope the cottage has some decent drops!
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