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  • Overall, I enjoyed this event

    13 5.51%
  • Overall, I did not enjoy this event

    194 82.20%
  • I didn't participate

    12 5.08%
  • Could not get past goal 9 (armor shine)

    63 26.69%
  • I spent gems/money on this event and finished

    51 21.61%
  • I spent gems/money on this event and DIDN'T finish

    80 33.90%
  • Crafted 1 or more Mud Puddle Pigs

    170 72.03%
  • Crafted 1 or more Big Bad Skunkupine

    166 70.34%
  • Crafted 1 or more Big Bad Fangbeast

    176 74.58%
  • Finished with no gems or money spent

    18 7.63%
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    This is the worst event ever. Too much to collect from one item with too long a wait and then a random drop. Very very very very frustrating. I usually don’t use gems to complete an event, this time I did 200 gems and still only got to make 1 roll of fur, need 6 to finish!!!! No way can I make it with 3 twine every 2 hours and 20 hours left,.
    The gift cAme too late, most people had just got past the stage of needing those items, including me. Useless and a bit of an empty gesture.
    Not even bothering today as impossible unless I use a few thousand gems now, which I am not buying.

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    Quote Originally Posted by riverly View Post
    I'm making my last fur right now. The only reason I could finish was because I did not have my usual Thanksgiving bunch. And I stay up late, and early riser.
    I resent the fact that I literally had to be tied down to the different timed drops and I will not ever do that again. I did not spend gems on the event or Black Friday. I'll let my lack of spending speak for me.
    I gonna finish in an couple of hours without having spend Gems or money, but I agree wholeheartedly with everyone here.
    This was NOT fun, NOT doable and if I had known how much time it required I wouldn't have started. (even knowing I could finish, it just wasn't worth it)
    This event was frustrating from beginning to end.

    This event in combination with a strange (citizen purchase) Gem trap almost made me quit the game entirely. (I actually cried, losing 150 gems in the middle of a big sale)
    A very big part of why I didn't is because of this forum. I really like reading posts here every day.

    Let the POLL results (especially the first 'Overall I enjoyed this event' = 0%!) reach S8, and they won't try it again.

    My best of luck to everyone!

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    Quote Originally Posted by SpiritWind00 View Post
    Poll added. You need to be in Full Mode to see it if you're on a mobile device. I put a 5 day timer on it.
    THANK YOU SW. I pushed myself through the barren desert of goal 9, only to face the math that it was impossible to finish even with continueing the dedicated playing w timers (I even installed a multi timer app on my phone for this game). I started the event when the splash screen came up saying the Fully upgraded cottage was a guaranteed trade ticket dropper. I love those. DON'T love events like this and the shark event that push too hard. This could have been a really enjoyable event. S8 got too greedy and too disrespectful of the player base. Boo.

    As others have said, increasing difficulty, now to the point of impossible even w dedicated play, isn't play anymore, not fun, and mean of S8. I would love to play for cool prizes, but only if they are fairly obtainable.

    Dear S8,

    I won't be doing more events until I see on the forum that they have become doable again. I would love to be inspired to do events again. Three years of play, btw. I couldn't do events in the first year because I was too low a level and didn't see the forum. After I levelled up enough, I did EVERY event, even when the events started being relentless this year. I only missed one event when I had a crazy busy work week. The shark one did my head in with its demands, this one knocked it off. Love the game, hope it recovers its soul and event fun.

    Decrease number of events to one a month, and make them do-able again. Please.

    Thank you.
    Not accepting neighbors. Sorry. Gratitude for all forum contributors and leaders. This game would be unplayable without you.

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    Awful, awful event

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    I got past the armour shine bit only because of the "gift". Then I realised that I had no hope of finishing because of the huge fur requirements.

    Utterly ridiculous. So much for the season of goodwill to all!

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    My big fat fingers on my phone screen made me press "I enjoyed this event", which I didn't, even though I finished it. The random drop fairies were good to me, but I can see from the forum how ridiculous it was for others. What I really didn't enjoy was how this event required babysitting your phone every 1/2/3/6 hours. I appreciate trying to change things up, but I guess I prefer the "Ivy bottleneck" type of event where you have to log in twice per day, but can do the other tasks required more in your own rhythm. Or random drops yes, but not as much randomness (armor shine, damaged helmets, club, spawns), on several long timers and for basically the duration of the whole event. Most of the time, the principle has been that you can finish an event without money/gems if you put in the time, but that wasn't the case with this event for many people.

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    Delete post please
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    Quote Originally Posted by vizbiz11 View Post
    I agree. I used to love this game and didn?t mind spending money on it, as it was my only real financial splurge, but it is no longer fun.

    The Biggest Baddest Wolf stopped dropping fangs, so I was forced to buy the last one to make the club. Now I have to make 4 blankets. I just don?t have the time or willingness to invest anything else to finish this event.
    Sorry to tell you that the Biggest baddest wolf never dropped the fangs... it was the bad fangbeast that spawned from the farm houses. And it was a total of 6 blankets needed - 4 to pass goal 11 and 2 more in goal 12

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    Seems all I can say is ditto. I’ve even got all my materials for goal twelve sitting finished since yesterday, but random drops have not been kind and I’m not getting anywhere close to finishing goal eleven. Pretty sad stats for event finishers and we all know these are the keeners answering here, not the masses.

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