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Thread: Glitches... or are they?

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    Glitches... or are they?

    A few issues I?ve noticed as some of the seasonal challenges/timed things are coming to a close:
    -I had a one time goal that was basically ?buy a snowball pile for 30 gems, get 30 gems in return? and it never gave me the 30 gems. So, boohoo.
    -i was able to watch some ads for a snowball or two, and now it crashes the game if I do so.

    There?s a couple of other things that I?ve also noticed but can?t specifically remember, but they were also related to gems.

    Anyone else experiencing glitches?

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    Sorry you're having issues. With crashes, if you get a chance to take note of the ad, then S8 can provide feedback to that company. Make sure your connection is strong to avoid crashes. There's a thread dedicated to that in the Bugs Forum which you can look through if you've not seen it before.

    * I still have both of the snowball goals in my book and there is no mention for a return reward for 30 gems on either screen.
    * Remember, you don't get snowballs for watching videos, you get cabbages to use in the trade wagon to trade for snowballs.

    If you remember what the other issues are, let me know and I'll see what I can do for you.

    (Moving thread to the correct forum)

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