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Thread: Organizing Gifts!!

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    Lightbulb Organizing Gifts!!

    It’s honestly time to give Gifts a new makeover and an upgrade! When I am trying to gift neighbors, it gets so annoying having to scroll a really long time just to find foods, then for another neighbor I will have to scroll a long time again just to get back to parts. I feel like there should be sections. For example: Foods, Parts, New Parts, Christmas Parts, Thanksgiving Parts, etc. It will be much more helpful & better if it were to be set up this way! And easier to tip neighbors and less frustrating. Please consider doing this Storm8 

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    I totally agree!

    I have to tap at least a hundred times to get to the food and basic parts. It's pretty anoying. And if you touch the wrong part you have to start all over again.

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    Yes I agree. It is not so bad at the start of a new goal as all my neighbors are goal players, but towards the end of the goals when some neighbors are requesting basic parts and some neighbors are still wanting goal parts, it takes forever to gift.

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    This is a great idea!! !its so annoying to scroll through hundreds of items.

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