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Thread: Queen Raven

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    Queen Raven

    Hi, I won the queen raven but there seems there was a glitch which made her cost me 250 gems which was much less than I was supposed to.

    Prior to getting the last raven I completed the final step of the prior quest Misunderstanding Medusa. I did use some gems to finisj the quest as it was cheaper . My inventory shows 17 wandering ravens, at 5 gems a piece that is 185 gems right there. Additionally I have an extra Raven Lantern in my storage which I did not buy, unless it was a prize which I dont see anywhere. If thar the case it should be taken back as I am positive I only bought the three and in that case she should be covered.

    Regardless of the lantern I should have received my gems from the 17 wandering ravens i collected prior to collecting the last raven. Before I create a ticket can a mod or someone who works at S8 confirm that what I am saying is true and it was not more than 250 to start? It was not the least expensive one but one of the two that costed the same.

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    Sorry, the forum is to help with game questions and global bugs and issues. As Pika has requested you log a ticket previously, it would be more appropriate for you to follow up this issue with Support again.
    S8 Support: Click here to contact S8 Support

    Please remember that posting support comments is against the forum rules.

    Your post reads to me that you may not have paid for as many gems as you thought you did and that you're ahead. If that's the case then there isn't an issue. Keep your extra prize. I tried to keep up with your posts about what you've bought and what goals you did and didn't get to. If you're ahead then that's fine.

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    They were 5 gems each.

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