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Thread: 11/08 Update: Baron's Tent Prizes (Nov 2019)

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    No ali’s yet again and nothing worth buying. Looks like my cabbages will continue to rack up.

    I have to check, does anyone know if there is a cap on cabbages? I am sure I am not there because I had so many I did not mind spending on a deco that I really liked. And of course it was not until the final throw that I got it, as typical. Always last one or only 1-3 left, never lucky to get it earlier. I think they purposely try to lower my account lol
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    Love the game & aesthetics, want it to look real/fun & true! During quests sadly aesthetics put aside for collections, but happy when over. Have expansions to improve as well!
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    Definitely no prizes of interest to me here...if anyone goes for the pumpkin spice latte, I mean cow, would you kindly share if it's an energy dropper? Used a lot of cabbages last month going for the spider carriage, so I will use this month to replenish my stores unless the cow is worth it!
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    i'm american and i don't understand the obsession w/ pumpkin spice.
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    It?s just apart of growing up with Halloween and Thanksgiving as holidays and traditions and pumpkin spice being a limited edition only available for a couple months a year-it represents fall and family and cozy gatherings.

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    Will go for fall gazebo and pray they put leaf path on sale again someday. : )

    REALLY looking forward to Black Friday for alicorns and whatever cool stuff is also in sale. Hopefully reduced price spell circle.

    Edit add: lol on vegemite cow, just read post. : )
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    Quote Originally Posted by NorthWoodsKingdom View Post
    New release for November ... all repeat prizes. Again.
    Also, repeat release from exactly a year ago. Again.

    Attachment 53753

    And another "special" prize quest for the month ... This time, a cow. :/
    Attachment 53751
    Attachment 53752
    Yeah, hopefully they will come out with some cool things for Christmas next month. You?d think they could come out with at least ONE new item per month. I mean they give us new events every 2 weeks. Even though the format is repeated, the items and prizes are not. ☹️

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    Quote Originally Posted by shortdanzr View Post
    i'm american and i don't understand the obsession w/ pumpkin spice.
    me too, and me too! I can’t stand the taste of pumpkin
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    Quote Originally Posted by shortdanzr View Post
    i'm american and i don't understand the obsession w/ pumpkin spice.
    Quote Originally Posted by WittyWitch View Post
    me too, and me too! I can?t stand the taste of pumpkin
    I like pumpkin ...but not in everything! It's way overdone!
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    Pumpkin Spice Cow - (Card)
    Storable: Yes
    Info: This cute cow likes you a whole latte! Pet her to see what she's found for you.
    Type: Decoration
    Class: Animals
    Source: Gift
    Size: 1x1
    Drops: Milk, Hide, Prime Cut, Fertilizer
    Events: Baron's Tent - November 2019
    Collection: 60 minutes // 1 hour
    Coll. Speed-up: 4 gems
    Cap: 1
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    I just got a haystack from my skunkupea and it never counted towards the goal.

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