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Thread: What would you like to see this Black Friday sale?

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    I'd love to see old appliances, snow globe & gingerbread tables and fairy kitchen.

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    I hope the mummy baker/vampire baker also come back. Just anything Halloween, as I was only able to afford so much in October or was not in level back then to get some items.

    Items I was not able to get do to me be low level back in October was:

    Haunted Ball, Witch Cat, Headless Horseman,

    Witch Crossing (wallpaper) Autumn Wall, which is pain. But I level 47 almost 48, so I think I'll be able to get it now, if it come back. Here's hoping!

    However I really want the Haunted Ball the most in this list, so I hope it come back.

    Anyway. I have 180 moneys to spend, (1.370 gems) so whatever come back, I hope it good regardless. Otherwise if not, I'll probably spend it on Halloween box/crate, which is still ok.
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    Continuation of my list, A bit long. Sorry.

    Fall items:

    (Autumn Tree
    Pile of Leaves
    Fall Arch
    Turkey Honeycomb
    Fall Carriage
    Harvest Display
    Leaf Lantern
    Fall Sweet Display
    Leaf Couch
    Pie Sale
    Pancake Sculpture
    3 French Hens)

    Autumn Crate:
    Playful Leaves
    Pilgrim Cats
    Pumpkin Leaf/Owl

    Fall Crate:
    Fall Cafe
    Fall Breads
    Fall Cake
    Fall Planter
    Fall Barista
    Fall Bikes

    Fall Surprise box/crate:
    Pumpkin Patch
    Autumn Fire Pit
    Leaf Fountain
    Red Wagon
    Pilgrim Greeter

    Red Autumn:
    Autumn Feast
    Autumn Garden/Fountain
    Pumpkin Wagon

    Turkey crate/box:
    Fall Cleanup

    Cornucopia Crate:
    Corn Maze
    Great Gobbler
    Ode to Corn

    Autumn Wall
    Fall Trees

    Floor Tiles:
    Fall Leaves
    Autumn Acorns

    Leaf chair
    Thanksgiving chair
    Fall Leaves Chair
    Thankful Chair
    Vintage Fall
    Fall Table
    Fall Leaf Table
    Vintage Fall Table
    Leaf Table
    Thanksgiving Table

    Wall Decoration:
    Acoustic Autumn
    Autumn Window
    Fall Clock
    Corn Candle
    Bear Log Clock
    Fall Wreath
    Fall Frames
    Turkey Wall Lamp
    Turkey Door

    Autumn Gold
    Glassed Leaf
    Pumpkin counter
    Pilgrim Counter
    Pinecone Counter.

    However like I say, even just goal items would be great in blackfriday (at least in my opinion) and if so, I would also like to continue my list there,

    Autumn Fountain
    Puppy Leaf Pile
    Fall Picnic - all from "The Falling Leaves" goal.

    A random item (not related to fall)
    I would like to see is "Tent Set Up"
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    Oh and this items (locked by goal) I would like to see return, if possible.

    Senor Skull
    Skeletal Altar
    Lit Pumpkin
    City Bonfire
    Halloween Candelabra
    Halloween Altar
    Candy Dish

    Even though I have this item unlocked in a different bakery, I don't have them on kappy.

    Cupcake Gravestone
    Pumpkin Divider
    Jack-O-Lantern Patch.

    However I really wish for the

    Jack-O-Lantern Patch & the Halloween Altar the most in this list, if possible.

    And even though I know some of this items are for coins, I would happily pay gems to get them.

    And the Black Cat Decor.
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    I would love to be able to get the Jack-O-Lantern Patch ! And also some of the locked appliances. I am willing to buy gems to get those if need be.

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    Would also love to see the mince pie unlocked.

    I've had the pop up saying to come back at weekend for goodies. Getting excited already

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    Gem dispenser. Also, reduce the price to unlock appliances which costs 49 gems.

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    Chinese New Year; Stained Glass; Winter Land

    Chinese New Year
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    Stained Glass Winter Land

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    Old appliances! I?ve been waiting for those to open up, especially fall and Christmas ones. Pretty please?

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    I’d love to see old appliances in both Bakery story and Restaurant story. There are several I had with my first account and lost them both and had to start over. Was so disappointed that I could never get them back. Now I’m back up to level 99 and really wish I had them. I thought at one time you had talked about releasing them a few at a time.

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