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Thread: What would you like to see this Black Friday sale?

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    Quote Originally Posted by geordieprogman View Post
    Yeah I spent a ton of gems trying to get it. I?m never opening that box again. My daughter had 2 tries at the box and got it straight away. I?m over the moon for her but a little jealous as well lol
    I wonder if I did see her Malefic Manor.

    I have spend 1,000 in a different bakery just in that box and still do not get it you cannot help to be a bit jealous to be honest.
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    Please bring back the daisy topiary.

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    I would love to get some old appliances. I've been saving my gems all year for those.

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    I live in New Zealand. Just outside Christchurch in the south island.
    The one thing I would love for both my Restaurant and Bakery that I don't have is a Valentine's Cafe. I would pay gems for those.

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    I don?t think I?ve ever seen the Paris street lamps for sale before. I?d love to have those.

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    I got 400 gems so hopefully NYE ball drop and Grotto!!!

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    I?d love to see...

    Old appliances (snowman stove, snowman fountain, Yuletide oven, red gift stove, etc.)
    Mystery Box items taken out of the boxes (especially the gingerbread house)
    Candy Cane Fountain
    Small Gingerbread Tree
    Stuffed Polar Bear
    Cookie Snowmen
    Reindeer wallpaper
    Gingerbread & Snow Globe tables & chairs
    Sale on Expansions

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    I still want to see all the old items as well as some new. Us newer players want those older items too!

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    Christmas stuff that looks like Christmas stuff in real Christmas colors, not the wishy-washy ones.

    I wish they'd give us cute Christmas recipes, like those tree cupcakes in RS.

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    This Black Friday, I will be looking for:
    1/ Fairy Kitchen
    2/ Tea Party (Mad Hatter)
    3/ Winter Kitten

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