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Thread: KIMMYS - restaurant story

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    KIMMYS - restaurant story

    I first started playing RS in 2013/14 which is named Kimmys. Loved playing reached level 99 but then life got in the way.

    A few months ago I decided to get RS on my iPhone and started a new restaurant kimalenafairy.

    I then come across the IPad that my old restaurant was. So I got on it and low and behold there was Kimmys. I'm elated.

    My problem is that my IPad is the 1st type that came out. I have been doing the latest goal on both restaurants but where I got a rocket landing and a gothic gathering on my iPhone, this hasn't happened on my iPad one.
    Is it because it's old? Please help thank you

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    I'm not 100% sure which decorations you're referring to but here's a link to the latest goal thread that shows all the decos involved:

    If you've completed the goals then you should receive the prizes regardless of the age of your device. So long as your device supports the most current version of the app I wouldn't think there would be any issues in receiving/viewing decorations as they're dependent on the app itself, not your device.

    In regards to the missing decos, it is possible that they were connected to previous goals/limited sales that the first account did not participate. If you note the exact names of the decos as shown in the game, I could tell you for certain when/how they were first released.

    As a matter of interest, you can get your original account switched over to your current device, there's a how-to on switching devices in the Game Guide here: If, for some reason you're unable to transfer successfully on your own, you can always contact support who can do it from their end of things.

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