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Thread: Turducken Event - 2019 November 6

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    Yet again we have a game based on random drops and I am fed up of feeding chickens and getting no uneaten grain. I have fed them for some days, granted not as much as at first as I am just getting unwanted eggs, but as yet have only received 3 uneaten grain so haven?t completed one sketch yet.
    Given up on this game already - when are Storm 8 going to give us a game that doesn?t depend on luck and random drops? Failing time after time to complete the tasks or get a prize based only on luck is very frustrating and maybe with the number of posts going down and down others, like me are getting fed up too!,
    I couldn?t agree more. I didn?t even start this event. It?s been really nice being able to concentrate on van and train deliveries!!

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    This event was pretty awful. Guess we'll see how today's is.

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    Same here - regular gamer, fed up of chickens this time but won?t be playing if I have the same experience again. Waste of time rather than enjoyment.

    Quote Originally Posted by griffithpack View Post
    Dear Storm8, All I want for Christmas is an event that is new, different, and that I don?t recognize as being impossible to accomplish on the very first day. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice - that?s not happening! My neighbors are complaining, people on this forum are complaining, please stop the events for a week or two and do some brainstorming to come up with something original like you had for the first few years I played. Thanks for listening in advance!

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