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Thread: Game more unstable than ever before (Crash CrAsH CRASH)

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    Game more unstable than ever before (Crash CrAsH CRASH)

    Hello everyone, including staff and especially staff. I have been wanting to comment on this awhile now, that the game has been crashing worse than it ever has before. My friends and I are crashing constantly. Whatever maintenance you guys did the other day made the game WORSE! Several hours after the downtime was finished I went to play the game and it froze so bad I could not even reset my iPhone and took me 5 mins to try and reset it, it was so screwed up with the game frozen on my screen. The exact same thing happened to my friend and he is on android. Only he could not get into the game anymore AT ALL! It would crash and freeze for him every single time. He was able to get back in because I had to tell him to do a full reinstall and he is able to play again now in but Is still crashing like crazy, worse than ever before.

    I visit a neighbor, CRASH! Collect food, CRASH! Fight in the battle arena, CRASH! Hatch or evolve a dragon, CRASH! Try to message a neighbor, CRASH! Get an ad, you guessed it, CRASH! Simply do nothing and sit on my island looking at my dragons for awhile, CRASH!!!!!!

    These crashes happen every single day and at any time and before you say: You need the latest Game version and softwares etc. We do have it! All up to date! I have a brand new iPhone 8 with tons of space there is no problem on my end! I crash anywhere from 3 -8 times a day. Have never gone a single day without crashing. If I am speed breeding dragons I crash every 5 dragons or so. It is nuts!

    Why is the game so terribly unstable? Every single neighbor I go to, everyone is complaining about the constant crashes. So I know it is not Just me. :/

    I know you guys are getting MORE than enough support financially to fix this game, from just me alone you got nearly $2 grand this year and tons of people I know spend tons of money on this game too so I know needing money to fix the game is not the issue... So how come the game is so unstable? My friend on android is even thinking of quitting until he can afford to get an iPhone because with how unstable it is on android for him, it is almost unplayable.

    We all would greatly appreciate it if you guys could fix it so we could enjoy the game. Truly and sincerely. I love this game, but it is SO frustrating to play when it is so crazily unstable
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