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Thread: Game more unstable than ever before (Crash CrAsH CRASH)

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    Quote Originally Posted by [S8] Elsa View Post
    I invite all of you to submit screen recordings of the crashes. Devices with iOS 11+ have a built in screen recording options. The instructions are here.

    You can submit the videos to support or private message me with a link to an uploaded file. I look forward to hearing from each of you so we can verify if there's a real issue.
    I use Android but went to look at the iOS instructions for recording. Seems to me that you need start recording manually and this would be before a crash and if iOS acts like Android, well, you may crash right away or in 10 minutes or maybe 3 hrs!! That seems not so practical to me. I don't understand why S8 can't buy a few devices and actually run the game to see what happens for themselves.

    Buying a few devices shouldn't be keep recommending players buy new ones all the time to keep pace with the S8 memory hog coding.
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