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Thread: Reset Time.

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    Reset Time.

    Could someone please tell me what is the reset time please. I live in Australia and yesterday it was 6pm my time, but right now it is 6:36pm my time and I can not gift or tip any of my neighbors. It is the same on here and Restaurant Story so I am beginning to think maybe reset times have changed.

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    Hey Chris, it’s me, Cindi..I’m having the same problem..I’m going to create my own thread..

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    I thought other neighbors were having the same issue as I have not received any gifts on BS or RS.

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    Reset time

    Is there something going on with reset time? Yesterday, it was at 11pm, it hasn?t come yet today, and it?s 12:10am on Tuesday..
    Looking forward to a reply.

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    Mine just came on, but at the old time..Midnight..baahhh

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    The daily reset is 12 Midnight PST as the s8 main office is in California - each player has to convert to their own time zone. Any issues we had were likely temporary and due to the seasonal time shift in America.

    However, if you continue to experience issues receiving or sending daily gifts, you'll want to create a post in the BS Bugs Forum:

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