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Thread: Nuisance spontaneous pop up adds

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    Nuisance spontaneous pop up adds

    Since the last update, I have had nuisance adds pop up all of a sudden when I go to do something in Dragon Story. It can happen with anything such as tapping a habitat to place a newly hatched dragon or choosing a dragon to battle with or breed with. These adds that are popping up frequently, are interrupting the game play and very annoying. I realise that Storm8 is a business and has to make money, but I see no reason for the sudden introduction of the adds that happen at the most inappropriate times, when they have been operating successfully for years without them. I would have thought that they make enough money with players buying gold, value packs and food etc plus with all the events and in particular the leaderboard event where some players go berserk with their spending.
    Please Storm8 if you have any regard for the players enjoyment of the game then please stop these aggravating adds or I foresee players leaving the game in droves, myself included and I have been playing this game for several years.

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    Very well said. I have been playing this game for many years. I encounter 10 to 15 ads per day. I don’t mind watching an ad for to accelerate play or to win gold. That is how Storm 8 can make money which is good. However the ads are making the play unbearable.

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    I agree, and I wish the cluedo bingo would drop dead I tried tot play it up tot lvl 5 so it would go away but no such luck

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