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Thread: Ads popping up and interrupting gaming

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    Thank you for looking into this. Honestly, I was so upset about getting that ad last night that I didn't play any of my Storm 8 games today. I didn't want to see that one again and/or more like it.
    I'm sorry you experienced this! We reached out to our partners and asked them to review the content filters. While we will put forth best efforts to prevent this from happening again, if you do see an ad that doesn't align with the quality you expect from us, please feel free to reach out to us. The best information we can use is the name of the ad and if possible, the ad network listed on the final card of the ad.

    Thank you for giving us another chance.

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    I?m an avid player of restaurant and bakery and I have 3 accounts. I used to play dragon but since the adverts started intruding my game without my consent, I stopped playing. I haven?t got time for watching 6 lots of 30 second ads every time I log into my games so I?m temped to stop playing them and find new games with other providers. I?ve done some research and found a few others that don?t have intrusive and unwanted ads so I don?t know why these games have started to. It?s really annoying and I?m a very unhappy customers. I used to enjoy these games so much and I like to flit in and out of them all day. It would be really good if we had the option to watch them or not and I bet most people would opt out. These games have really gone down hill for the last year or so and people have already stopped playing. I?ve lost loads of neighbours due to these problems. It?s really unfair that a fantastic game can go down the toilet just because of silly avoidable things :-(

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    This and Dragon Story are the only games of this sort (collecting, long-term play) I've ever encountered which have ever tried this &*(&@#$ ****. Even in the brainless relaxing games of the match3 sort and similar, the worst case is that you play a full round, ignore your way through an ad, then play another round. (And with those you can usually give them $5 and never see an ad again.) Other collecting/breeding games offer players a chance to watch an ad and receive a reward, but Storm8 is too miserly to use that system, which is a win-win for both players and company. And yes, I know they pretend that they're doing it but rather than saying "watch an ad and we'll give you X" they do the "You'll get one of three things, one a mystery prize" garbage. And as anyone who's tried it knows, the mystery prize is a) utterly worthless and b) what you're going to win 99.999999999999% of the time. This is the only gaming system where I don't watch the ads and happily take the loot. (Okay, more honestly that's ignore the ads, but they get their payment anyway so no diff.) They're so adverse to the very concept of actually giving players a treat (even one that costs them nothing and actually earns them a bit) that they'd rather drive the last few of us away... Weirdest business model I've ever had the misfortune to encounter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kanajunroses View Post
    For the leadership board the ads. Pop up and then your points are not added to leadership board.
    They haven?t had a leaderboard for months.

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