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Thread: Videos that pop up without clicking on the option to watch one to earn anything.

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    Videos that pop up without clicking on the option to watch one to earn anything.

    There appears to be some sort of glitch since the last upgrade. These random videos show up and they don?t even offer a reward or help speed up anything.
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    These are intended. These ads don't give rewards.

    If you're experiencing any issues with your account, please submit a ticket to Support at Storm8

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    Is there any way to prevent those or at least mute them? I usually listen to music or podcasts while I play and those ads are super loud when you have headphones.

    Or at least do they trigger at certain actions so I can know I'm about to trigger one, or are they random? I just really despise the surprise audio. I'll often watch the ads to speed up the battle arena cooldown, I don't mind ads if at least I have the option to turn down the volume and pause my podcast before they start.

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    I'm getting these too. Really annoying because it often causes crashing.
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    I get the pop up ads when I finish breeding, hatching, evolving, visiting a couple of neighbors; only every evolve others appear randomly with regularity. . Or check on if I have enough coins or needed item to make item need for challenge. Don't forget to check farms for if add comes on occasionally will clear food. It is very frustrating.

    I'm not sure when you send a message to those who can do something about a glitch but you get no response, no ticket number, how one is to feel.
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    If these pop up ads impede the ability to play the game as you say "they are intended" to; You will lose players, game gets poor reviews, and game Suppliers reputation worsens and investors leave. But as the community manager says it was intended to be this way and annoy the pants off of you. Lame.

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