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Thread: Random videos

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    Random videos

    There have been these random app promotional ads popping up, this is happening in Dragon Story as well. Neither are giving any rewards or speeding anything up.

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    Not all promotional ads will give rewards. If the goal states there is a reward and you do not receive it, please contact support for assistance.

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    The recent update to Bakery Story now has this, where when you serve your dishes, an ad will pop without warning and with no way to avoid it unless you force-close the game and restart. To me, that is ... well, let me keep it nice ... that is straight-up nonsense!

    Because of this, I'm trying to restore my devices to the previous version where I made the mistake and updated. There should have been some announcement (warning!) about this when you update so you can say, "Thanks but no thanks!"

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    Is this going to be an ongoing issue with the ads popping up everytime you try to serve or cook a dish? It is very frustrating not to mention time consuming. I'm currently planning on quitting both Restaurant and Bakery Story if this is going to be an on going deal. The ads popping up have made playing these games more of a chore/job than a game.

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    I checked before downloading and it didn't mention anything regarding random pop up ads. It said about fix program, etc. Now I have random pop ups but the ads for gems now refuses to load. No way of know which ad was to load because as soon as you hit watch you get pop up video didn't load. Try again later. More than annoying. Especially since I need 1600 gems for a green stove. It's bol...locks or would you prefer poppycock the way S8 refuse to undo the coded program. After talking to a gaming programer that writes code said it must have been written into the code. Or they left out important code lines. This is now happening in dragon story, fantasy forest, castle story and others have been mentioned in above posts. Random?

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