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Thread: Lost progress after updating to iOS 13 (Game Center authentication)

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    Lost progress after updating to iOS 13 (Game Center authentication)

    Hi everyone,

    10/23/19 Update: A potential resolution is available in Jewel Mania and Bubble Mania for iOS users. Please update your game when the update becomes available to you! Thank you for your patience and effort.

    Original issue:
    If you updated to iOS 13 and lost your progress, this is due to a Game Center authentication issue that our team is working on resolving in future game updates.
    This only impacts Jewel Mania, Bubble Mania, Candy Blast Mania, Hungry Babies, Cupcake Mania, Restaurant Story, and limited users on Bakery Story 2.

    Please follow the work-around steps below to resolve this issue:

    • On your iOS device:
      • Open Game Center through the device's main Settings
      • Scroll down within Settings to Game Center and make sure that you are signed into the same Game Center account as before
      • Download and open Dragon Story on your device (even if you don't play Dragon Story)
      • Complete the Dragon Story tutorial and then let Dragon Story remain open for 1-2 minutes
      • You may see pop-ups when Dragon Story opens, please click through these carefully so you don't miss the one related to Game Center
      • You should see a pop-up asking you to verify your Game Center nickname - TAP CONTINUE
      • This should fully authenticate and sign you into Game Center on your device
      • Now try opening your game on your device to see if you see the correct progress

    If Dragon Story doesn't work, please try instead opening random apps on your device until one of them forces Game Center authentication window to appear and click "Continue".

    If after following all steps, this work-around does not work, please submit a ticket so we can help recover your account. Please mention you completed these steps already or you'll be asked to do them again.

    P.S. We apologize for the inconvenience of these steps!!

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