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Thread: Video ads?

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    Aaaaand I just got an ad of a crying wife watching her cheating husband. Nope that is not a family friendly ad. Peace out storm 8. My other advice is to maybe give bakery story some diversity. There is only one black person depicted in all of your decos and no black customers (the lady scientist is the only deco ). I?m sad, I liked the game. But I can?t snuggle on the couch with my seven year old and have her be like ?what?s cheating? ?why is she crying ?. Plus the stupid guy in underwear one. Plus once it hits 8 my time the ads you can watch to speed cooking time can get awful too. So super unfortunate

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    Yes this happened with the new 13.2 iOS update. I agree, I am not a fan of videos playing without me choosing to watch it. I?ve I have played since 2012 and may also stop playing. I exit out and re log in to avoid watching the ad, so really they?re not advertising, they are just being annoying.

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    I just tried that, every time I go back in the ad is there waiting for me.

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    The adverts appear in all of the games now, but there is no ?x? button to turn them off.

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    Nope. Our only recourse is to quickly force close the game as soon as you realize an ad is coming in, then reopen it. For me it usually doesn't reappear, and I know I will have at least 1 session ad-free. I'm sorry to hear that the ad is still waiting for you when you reopen the game, especially an inappropriate ad! I wonder if other games would pop in an ad right in the middle of gameplay? I know they don't, because it's very disruptive, rude, and annoying!
    If they need revenue, why not offer an optional paid version of the game?
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