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Thread: Video ads?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jaxschuberts45 View Post
    I have the same problem. I am leaving the game!
    I?m sorry to hear you are leaving. Your game will be here for you decide to return

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    Quote Originally Posted by myharleycat View Post
    Is this just happening to me? It seems lately in last few weeks while I?m in iOS bakery only. I?m putting my dishes on a counter suddenly a video ad pops up n starts play all without my permission? Is this some sort of new gimmick they?re trying to push on us? N no I?m not accidentally clicking the watch ad button this is after my dishes have cooked! The only way to stop the ad is to exit game completely swipe it from home screen. Then re login again. If this is the case, then I might quit cause this?d get real annoying real fast since it happens almost every time I finish my dish to put on counters! Thanks
    Definitely not just you. In fact, I used in a bunch of gems to complete recipes in time to complete this latest goal, and JUST as I hit ?accept? ...he game threw up the video ad. The ad finished...and the goal was expired.

    Messaged support to try and get it resolved, and got a espouse saying ?there is Limited support for Bakery Story 2, won?t be able to respond to your request, sorry?.

    I. Am. Furious. This isn?t the first time I?ve lost out on a goal prize due to a bug, but it is the last. I guess BS doesn?t matter for them anymore.

    I?ll be packing it in too, solely because of the (lack of) customer service. ~10 years playing...and this is what it comes to. 😢

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    This issue has been going on since last year and it?s a pain in the oven!! Please for the love of Pete can someone fix it. It would be greatly appreciated. It also happens in Restaurant Story too. Thank you

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