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Thread: My Fashion Game Does NOT Load after updating

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    Exclamation My Fashion Game Does NOT Load after updating

    After I updated Fashion Story on 10-31-2019, my game does not want to load. I have deleted the app and uploaded it again, but no such luck. I have reported it to Storm8, but their response was to see if anyone was having the same issue here and see if anyone can help me. Any suggestions? Thank you.

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    Im having the same issue since oct 25th the last app update.

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    The camera icon is missing, please fix S8.

    The game is having too much loading issues, please allow us to revert to version 1.7.0 which was more stable at least for me.

    I wish I never updated, my game was perfectly fine & running smoothly. If it ain't broken don't fix it but I just had to of all the other times I ignore updates. Bad move!

    EDIT: My ticket got closed because of 'limited support services' yet no official response to this thread which is 1 week old. I guess I'll go back to playing once a week or whenever we get goals again, that's if the game plays smoothly.
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    I can't load my game . It's stuck on loading screen. FS was updated on October 25th and has not opened since then. Does anybody have any suggestions how to get it back? All my other storm 8 games work so far.
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