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Thread: Hallowind Dragon - October 11 2019 (Needed for the Scary Starlight Dragon Tales Event

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    It is ridiculous, I've tried Skeleking & neo Air, Air & forest and all I got was Palmx5, Geniex2, Trickster and Buttercup! When will S8 actually listen to our complaints and remove all the other unwanted commons from previous events! Is it really so difficult to please their players!? ��

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    Still trying and now I’ve lost a day on tales because I can’t breed this dragon. I have terrible luck trying to breed these commons for tales.

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    I stopped trying, can't keep trying all day & night for days. This is the story of Dragon Tales, I have experienced this same issues for so many years. I think it's about time I give up.

    Trust me when Dragon Tales has finished you'll get Hallowind even though you do not want it. Typical Dragon Story, it's a waste of my time & energy.

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    I give up. This is so stupid. Trying to breed this common dragon since last six days. I can understand they are trying to make it difficult for the players but one thing is difficult and other is IMPOSSIBLE۔ These type of set back just take the interest out of game. I was looking forward to collect all the zodiac dragons. I will losing three dragons now just because of this unbreedable common dragon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ratsinthecity View Post
    I?ve been trying with air and forest for 5 days. I got a slew of rares to trade for essence, that?s the upside. On the downside, no hallowind. Just got another 10 hour fail. I need it for the Act tomorrow and it?s not looking good Larry. So be it, I don?t buy gold because of the sneaky ways it gets stolen with no confirmation when something is accidentally hit. I?ve had so much friend gifted gold stolen by accident swipes they strategically place I can?t even remember it all. If the game played fair, I would buy it, but not with sneaky steals. They ask you to confirm a 10 cent dragon sale but take away hundreds without a confirmation for so many accidental swipes.
    Update: going on 7 days, still a slew of rare (AND SUPER RARE) to trade, but no hallowind.... frownie face.
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    Update: still no luck. Used boost and gold to speed up but still plenty of fails.

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    I feel this frustration! I have gotten many super rares and rares yet no ?common? hollowind after NONSTOP breeding! It?s ridiculous!!!!!

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    Today is the last day that i am trying for this common. Right now another 6 hour fail.

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    I've given up trying to breed this common, I'm not wasting another weekend on this. On the upside, at least I'm stocked up on food.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ratsinthecity View Post
    Update: going on 7 days, still a slew of rare (AND SUPER RARE) to trade, but no hallowind.... frownie face.
    UPDATE: Late on day 8, after plenty rare and super rare to trade for essence, and 8 days of nonstop trying I finally got a hallowind.

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