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Thread: Jack the Clipper issues and those impacting on The Academy goals

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    I got a spellbook from Troll Camp! Looks like everything is fixed! Thank you SpiritWind and everyone else involved!

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    Quote Originally Posted by PikaSquirrel View Post
    Troll Spellbook and Bottled Shadow drops have been fixed, they should drop while on any Goal now.

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    Same - got a cold ticket- said There appears to be NO bug, since I got Bottled Shadow on the same day. Yes I did - FROM SPELL CIRCLE. 4 days with no fanbeast drops ( I had around 34 bottled shadows), so it wasn?t maxed out. Thankfully troll camp drops and Bottled Shadows are now back - fangbeast just gave me one.

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    I wasnt maxed on either, which is why i spent 1400 gems to skip, which worked.
    Alls good just the same so TY SW and S8.

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    Yes same here ... was never maxed on Bottled Shadows as was using up making the Benediction Brews ...maxed out on Spellbooks as like Destiel0918 said got mine from my STUDY CIRCLES
    Fixed in Kingdom now so getting Bottled Shadows from Fangbeasts!

    Also only getting Dark Compasses at moment from my Flightless Dragon ... 8 tries on Sparkling Mines ....nothing!!! I know they are sporadic but this is practically non- existent ... patience I guess

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    Chopping wrong tree! Dah
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    My game crashed a couple times tonight. I thought it was fine after I restarted my game and did my daily dire situation goals and got two out of three chests. I crafted Susie and then started to fight a troll and my game crashed again. The two chests I had chopped were there again but now I can?t craft anything in my atrium. All the crafts for Jack the Clipper have disappeared and I didn?t get to collect Susie.

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    My game crashed and now won?t launch again

    ETA: able to launch again!
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    Hello amazing people.
    Apologies if this was already posted.
    Part 3 (i think): triumph of yhe students, Goal 3
    No matter how many aspen trees i clear anx flowers i collect, the goal does not reflect it
    Same with the bottled storms...

    Has anyone else experienced the same?

    Edit: i did open a ticket after posting. Not sure if they managed to fix it or the game just changed after an update or something BUT it is now fixed, all ok
    The buttons changed from collect to give and i was able to move on
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    Triumph of the Students. Completed goal 4. Went to goal 5. The expansion took everything I had gathered, but will not open the expansion

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