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Thread: Angry gnomes not dropping energy on hit

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    Angry gnomes not dropping energy on hit

    My angry gnomes are dropping energy only on death, but not on hit. We should be getting energy back every few hits from the tabernum. This happened last month with the sharks, and it was suddenly fixed after about a week. Please may this be fixed sooner so we don?t lose so much energy? Thanks. I mentioned this in the event forum as well.

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    Angry Gnomes may drop energy while fighting them, but it's not a guaranteed drop each time you fight them.
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    Thanks for the response. I finished the quest to defeat 20, and killed 5 more without seeing a single energy drop on hits, nor got 3 on any kill, just 2 per kill. I fought one at 4:20 EST and got energy on 2 hits, so it certainly seems like a toggle was switched to allow energy on hits. Same happened with the sharks, no energy on hit for about a week then suddenly they dropped energy 1-3 per battle as with every other mob. Fighting the first 25 gnomes with no energy drops means about 50 energy lost, guessing the average rate is 1 per 3 hits, or about 2 per battle.

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