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Thread: Castle Story 10/10: Jack the Clipper | event information on page 1

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    Quote Originally Posted by milhouse001 View Post
    Is anybody else having trouble spawning wigged out trolls?

    I’ve chopped a tonne of fur trees and have only spawned skunkupines and fangbeasts. The only wigged out troll I’ve spawned so far came from the wigged out troll trap I got for completing the last goal.
    The mystery behind your terrible bad luck is that the trolls spawn from farmhouses.

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    Have you tried the farm houses, it's the only place I get them.

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    I did not do all the goals so only got ravens for coin trades, two royal dark unicorns and one of the monkeys. Then for completing only one community goal, and 5 for the first two steps in the main goal here ( not sure if chests give) but with it at 0 or a random number like 3 its just doing what it wants. The number never seems complete. Additionally after my first ticket for the unicorn which was thankfully fixed I never received a confirmation. Looks like im sending another report and Ill post in bugs tonight.

    After over 7k + taps I am tapped out but giving this one a try for the ravens. Just slow the first couple days. My restless nights will make up for it in collections. Not a goal for gems, what I get I get. A barber shoppe will be cute in my towns center. Its turning into a mini mall, one stop shop for all your needs and not only an indoor theater but a small courtyard with an outdoor one. If only I could expand fast enough!!!! Way too many places open. Any tricks? Good luck to all who are playing and I hope you get everything you want.
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    Love the game & aesthetics, want it to look real/fun & true! During quests sadly aesthetics put aside for collections, but happy when over. Have expansions to improve as well!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zirilka View Post
    The mystery behind your terrible bad luck is that the trolls spawn from farmhouses.
    Haha I misread the goal!

    thats what happens when I play Before my morning coffee. Oops.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stymie52 View Post
    First drop from Pompadore Pig was 3 bacon and 30 coins.
    So basically...Pompadore Pig is...well...a pig. A very expensive pig too since I've sent out three adventures and haven't had him drop. Not sure I'm doing more if he's just a pig
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    CHICKENS: (and mushroom circles) drop rate is pretty low. Luckily we don't need a lot and can periodically collect while waiting for ivy.

    ADVENTURE: I have found the special prize hasn't been too special. I only do the adventure to use up the silky fur that drops from the trees. Once I have collected enough sap for upgrading the barbershop, I won't chop more fur trees if I haven't gotten the pig.

    SKUNKS: The corn strategy is interesting. Great advice. I'm usually lucky enough in events with this model to get enough of the monster from the trees or rocks that drop the crafting material. Then I can park the other monster needed for upgrading while waiting for Ivy (or the troll camp in other events).

    I finally figured out I can spend some of my daily energy on my kingdom and still complete this kind of event. I now concentrate on getting enough materials for the next upgrade while waiting on Ivy. At the lower levels, I will collect to make the non-Ivy crafts for the level after. I find it much less daunting to think, ok, I need materials for 3 then 4 then 5 etc of each instead of 22 all at once.

    I probably use 2/3 of my energy on fur trees. Then most of the rest on my kingdom and 2 or 3 times a day clear my chickens (15 or so) and red mushroom circles (8). That way I haven't gotten all I need and still have adventures to send. Atleast I can use the items from the 6 or 7 adventures I typically can send out.

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    Have done the raven queen so I do not need wandering ravens anymore.

    The question, since I am only after of energy droppers, is this Jack the Clipper quest any good for me? Thinking stepping out and start saving my daily energies for the coming storylines..

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    Quote Originally Posted by daddyoooz View Post
    When skunks are the monster of choice for an event, to minimize frustration with either not spawning skunks or spawning everything but skunks, I use harvesting corn with the harvest boost on. MAX return for the effort.

    Did this upon 1st gameplay this morning and now have 33 spines. (If this event is similar to others like it, you'll need a total of 45 spines for the entire event. 22 crafts of 2 each + 1 for storage.) The remaining spines I usually pick up in the adventure over the remaining time of the event.

    Note: I used at least 1,000 corn to get these spines... but likely only about 300 energy... with the harvest boost return.

    Now I can just focus on (and always have parked) a wigged out troll for my needs at hand. And the rest of the event is monster free.
    Is that not a bit a waste of energy?
    Skunks spawn from the Fur Trees, which we have to chop a lot anyway for the Furry Saps. So spawning while getting useful supplies, perfect combo.
    + We have to fight 4 monsters a day for the daily Fairy Chest, so having a parked monster/ a monster free event could cost you all the Fairy Atrium prizes.
    (you could fight the trolls, but we do not need to defeat 4 a day..)
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    I've been getting green scissors from the sawmills. Does anyone know what they are for please?

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    Quote Originally Posted by RainbowsandRandoms View Post
    I've been getting green scissors from the sawmills. Does anyone know what they are for please?
    The green scissors that drop from the sawmills were used in The Academy storyline. I am on Part 2 of that storyline. They are still dropping and I haven't needed them for a while.

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