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Thread: Castle Story 10/10: Jack the Clipper | event information on page 1

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    Castle Story 10/10: Jack the Clipper | event information on page 1

    ! Click on any of the following links for more information

    * Main Game Guide Links: Main Story Goal Guide | Building Guide | Inventory Guide | Story Outline Guide | The HUB! sub-forum

    * Other Useful Game Guide Links | The Town Square & Crown Guide | The Elven Outpost | The Baron's Game Tent Guide | Monster Hunt Guide | Adventure Guide | Information Nugget #5 - Beasts | Update Guide | New Player Guide | Add Me Forum

    * Link to the Bugs Forum - if you have a bug in your game or encounter a glitch, please check if a bug thread exists already for this event/story and create/post in the Bugs & Issues forum. Your issue can be tracked and resolved much easier than if you incorrectly post here in Discussions forum.

    * Forum Rules

    * Time Zone Converter (compare where you are with United States-California-San Francisco)

    Please stay on topic. All non-related event posts will be removed.

    The following issues have been resolved. Please force close your game. If it's still not working for you head over to the dedicated thread in the bugs forum.

    • The "Locked by Goal" crafts for the Jack the Clipper event
    • Barber Trade adventure restored
    • Academy crafts and drops that were missing from Farmhouse, Workshop, and Keep have been restored
    • We couldn't find any issue with Fangbeast Bottled Shadow drops so those haven't been changed

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