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Thread: Do the Monster Plant Event - 2019 Oct 9

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    Quote Originally Posted by DaphneGlass View Post
    That’s as I thought, thanks for confirming, so why are the trains still asking for the plants, just discarded another as it was asking for the white thing we used to plant and 27 of the red thing, think they need to look at that lol �� is so that players can get rid of their event items rather than waiting for them to sell through the Newspaper? Just a possibility (though, I admit, highly unlikely).

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    Quote Originally Posted by DaphneGlass View Post
    I have noted, even now the event is over, the train and warehouse deliveries are still asking for the plants lol, I dont think we can still grow them, can we? xx
    I?ve got requests for the market which isn?t great when you want to complete the deliveries for the leaderboard event. I?m trying to get the pumpkins to cover 5he days I missed through work.

    I had no chance of completing this monster plant event due to 12 hour night shifts, my workmate did by buying gems. Shame because if the plants grew a bit quicker I might have been able to plant more than 2 crops a day.

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    I just got one of those plants in the balloon thing. It is not hard to code the balloon train plane to exclude these things so what is the deal?

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