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Thread: Do the Monster Plant Event - 2019 Oct 9

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    Do the Monster Plant Event - 2019 Oct 9

    What oh what can this be?
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    Final preparations prior to event

    How to Play?

    Getting Started
    1. (instructions on event screen)
    2. Blue seed comes from fishing
    3. Black seed comes from mining

    Refer to General Guidelines for Goal Event in Event Guide and Frequently asked questions in Goal Guide to know what are the do's and dont's for goals.

    Goal 1 of 7: Do the Monster Plant
    Morgan! I was working on some science stuff, mixing up some chemicals when...I dropped my experiment, all over the dirt! ow some weird plants are popping up. Help me!
    Have 6 Spilled Spot (buy this from the market)
    Grow 3 Ghost Flower (grow this in the spilled spot)
    Grow 3 Tentacle Fungus (grow this in the spilled spot)
    REWARDS: 200 coins, 1 Jack O Lantern, 3 experience points

    Goal 2 of 7: Do the Monster Plant
    You know, Piper, some of these plants actually look kinda cool. I bet we could use these for some spooky Halloween decor!
    Have 1 Piper's Science Lab
    Get 10 Monster Plant Seeds (collect from the Cows)
    Make 3 Monster Bouquet (make this in the Piper's Science Lab)
    REWARDS: 200 coins, 15 Piper's Concoction, 3 experience points

    Goal 3 of 7: Do the Monster Plant
    Put a flower there, and a thing there. Some creative fitnessing and wow! We've got some cool Halloween arrangements!
    Give 7 Monster Bouquets
    Give 6 Hanging Monster Plants
    Make 1 Monster Kit 1
    REWARDS: 200 coins, 21 Laboratory Gloves, 3 experience points

    Goal 4 of 7: Do the Monster Plant
    At first I was worried about the stuff I spilled in these plants, but now I think maybe it was awesome! They're all growing like crazy! I wonder what will happen if we keep them growing...
    Give 5 Hanging Monster Plants
    Give 4 Spooky Terrorariums
    Make 1 Monster Kit 2
    REWARDS: 200 coins, 1 Spooky Terrorarium Decoration, 3 experience points

    Goal 5 of 7: Do the Monster Plant
    These Monster Plants are so popular, people can't get enough. You've got to keep this experiment going, Piper! We need more plants!
    Give 2 Spooky Terrorariums
    Give 4 Monster Pumpkin Planters
    Make 1 Monster Kit 3
    REWARDS: 200 coins, 3 experience points

    Goal 6 of 7: Do the Monster Plant
    Morgan is scaring me a little... She's got this strange look in her eyes, and she seems really obsessed with my plants! I knew she really liked gardening but this is something else...
    Give 6 Monster Pumpkin Planters
    Give 5 Monster Lanterns
    Mark Monster Kit 4
    REWARDS: 200 coins, 1 Monster Pumpkin Planter Decoration, 3 experience points

    Goal 7 of 7: Do the Monster Plant
    Piper, did you see what your concoction has done to this giant pumpkin? We should try splashing this stuff everywhere!
    Make 1 Monster Crate
    Give 1 Monster Crate
    REWARDS: 200 coins, an awesome Pumpkin pet, 3 experience points

    Making the crate is using the four Monster kits you already made from the goals.
    Takes 5 minutes and the Pumpkin Pet is yours

    Side Goal (optional)
    Rooted from the Bottom, Bloomed into a Tree
    These Plants are out of control!
    Buy 1 Hanging Monster Glass from the Market for 90 gems
    One time use
    REWARDS: 200 coins, 1000 golden shears, 3 experience points

    Droppin' Seeds
    This flower is said to only bloom once in a while. Apparently it has the smelliest smell that can be smelled. If you want one, grab it from the market before its too late!
    Buy 1 Titan Flower from the Market for 100 gems
    REWARDS: 200 coins, Looks like hands in a Planter, 3 experience points

    I Bloom, I Grow
    Need more weird plants? Grab yourself one of the Glowing Spilled Spots!
    Buy 1 Glowing Spilled Spot from the Market for 35 gems
    Limit of 4
    REWARDS: 200 coins, 3 experience points

    Event Prizes
    Great Pumpkin Pet
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Note: Your event prizes can be found in your cellar.

    Event Boost
    Hanging Monster Glass - 90 gems - says one time use
    Glowing Spilled Spot - 35 gems
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