I've been experiencing this issue for the past few goals. I wasn't sure if i was going crazy or i was imagining it, but it happened again right now.
I started the new goals today... started cooking the pumpkin praline pie, a 2hr recipe. I get the option to instantly complete the recipe if i watch an ad video, so i did. I can watch two ads to instantly serve two dishes, so i did. I got the "Done!" message and see 2 servings of the new recipe on two counters. I have not served this dish without the ads to speed it up yet.
But in the goal, it says I've only served one dish. I thought that maybe the second one didn't go through, but i specifically saw the recipe on 2 counters, plus i no longer have the option of completing the recipe instantly as i already watched both ads.This has happened to me every time i watch two ads to instantly serve two 2hr dishes.