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Thread: GOAL: Pumped Up Pumpkins - 2019 Oct 8 (15 Days)

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    I don't like that the second part of the goal is named A Basic Itch. Like who is writing these?
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    I like this goal, the pumpkin recipes are so cute.
    However, I am getting slow through the goal because of the lack of the notification...
    During busy days - without notification - I forget about baking and those 2-3 h recipes spoil quite fast.
    Anyone else struggling with the same issue?

    UPDATE: I found the bugs thread and reported the problem there.
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    Pumpkin gelato

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daengel View Post
    Please share pic of second and third recipes if you're done with them, pretty please? I'm gonna go slow due to work but I'm really thrilled to see the counter presentation of them, thank youuu
    Pumpkin gelato

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    Quote Originally Posted by sohini4 View Post

    Pumpkin gelato
    I must say, every recipe looks quite nice this time, hope storm8 Will keep up this trend.. <3<3<3

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    I thought the basic itch pun was really funny, but I can understand why others don’t like it

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