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Thread: October Event - Smashing Pumpkins - 2019 October 2

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    October Event - Smashing Pumpkins - 2019 October 2

    The Spider Tree
    Smash enough Jack O Lanterns and you'll win the Spider Tree!
    Get 31 Jack O Lantern Smashables (from Goals or from the Market)
    Rewards: 200 coins, 1 Spider Tree, 3 experience points

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    How to play?
    1. For each day, you get a new set of goals and you need to complete the Smashin' Pumpkin goals (Part 1 and 2) to earn 100 Pumpkin Smashers and a Smashing Pumpkin.

    Jack O'Lantern Slam-boree...
    Let the great pumpkin smashing begin! Smash a Jack O Lantern, win a prize! Send enough deliveries and you'll get a Jack O Lantern Smashable -- remember that Pumpkin Smasher you have? It's time!
    Goal 1 of 2
    Visit 10 Community Farmers
    REWARDS: 200 coins, 100 Pumpkin Smashers, 3 experience points

    Goal 2 of 2
    Send 20 Planes
    REWARDS: 200 coins, 1 Jack O Lantern Smashable, 3 experience points

    The above two goals repeat every day.

    The goals start at 3 am eastern daylight savings time and you have 24 hours from 3 am to complete the goals. At 3 am each day the same goals start over from zero.

    2. Smash your Smashing Pumpkin to earn prizes

    3. Collect/smash 31 Smashing Pumpkins from daily goals, events or purchase from Market to complete The Spider Tree goal to earn the Spider Tree

    How to smash a Pumpkin?
    Place your pumpkin on your farm and click on it then click on the pumpkin smashers at the bottom of your screen.

    What happens if I missed a day or 2 of the Daily goals?
    You can also earn pumpkins from events!

    (1) Pumpkin Smashers are not found in barn or cellar because they take up space. You can see how many you have by clicking on the pumpkin and see the number of pumpkin smashers shown at the bottom of your screen.

    (2) You get a new set of Daily goals at midnight PST.

    (3) Daily goals expire at midnight PST. They don't carry over to the next day. It's important to note this and convert to your own time zone so you don't miss out. You can use this Time Zone Converter to figure out your local time. You can enter "San Francisco" for the S8 time zone (PST).

    There are Two Pumpkins available

    You can win these pumpkins from events or you can buy them in the market.

    Jack O Lantern - Cost - 50 gems - one time use
    This contains a prize from a previous Halloween Event.
    There are some pets as well from previous Halloween events.

    Grand Jack O Lantern - 300 gems - one time use
    This pumpkin contains new pets and decorations!
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