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Thread: Cleared land

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    Cleared land

    Have cleared land but can not use,

    Jed's round stable disappeared after I put the knights in. Also having problems collecting shields from mine. Used 80 plus pick ax and shovels and have only got 6 shields. I have forced stopped the app and I have also uninstalled and reinstalled app and has not helped. Any suggestions?

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    You're the 3rd person unable to use cleared land. HELLO, STORM8?

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    Make it four people - I also have land that can't be used 😔

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    I to have cleared land that can’t be used. ��

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    Quote Originally Posted by NElove6 View Post
    I to have cleared land that can?t be used. ��
    Where on your farm is the unusable clear land?

    EDIT: I just visited your farm. If you are referring to the two sections that look cleared but have those unmovable trees on them (using one of the 4x4 livestock pens in EDIT mode, one would be theoretically the 5th parcel across the stream from the Order Warehouse, and the other is two "above" it towards the cliff and one further from the stream), then they are not actually cleared. Those sections are unavailable for everyone; you did not use any expansion papers or tools to clear them.
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