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Thread: Haunted Virgo Dragon - October 4 2019 (Needed for the Haunted Horoscopes LB Event)

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    Quote Originally Posted by sam204 View Post
    I used Breeding Boost, Hatching Boost and resultants were 3 times Poison , Island, Waverider, Serpent, 2 times 10 hr common . I used Neo Black and Neo Forest as well as Forest also but no 4 hrs Breeding , Wasted 70 precious Gold but no Haunted Virgo !
    I'm struggling as well with long fails. Hopeful with one four hour breed I used gold to hurry along, but it was the wrong one.
    Using up all my Bingo boosts too🙁

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    Is anyone actually able to breed this one? Is it possible to breed this one using 2 zodiac dragons instead of black and green?

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    I have never gotten this many Coral fails before! I'm just glad I finally have enough to craft this and put an end to the Coral invasion on my island.

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    Crafting this one now. Have had Serpent (twice), Troll, Island etc. Not got one 4 hour dragon yet. This is going the same way as Jade Hook
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