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Thread: Monthly dragon

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rfs04 View Post
    You are not confused! When monthly first started it was 25 per hour! That lasted just a few months. When they saw it was too easy to get the dragon they did that drastic drop to 14 per hour.

    I keep saying if any S8 employees were charged to play the game like we do, those people would complain mightily and maybe we'd see game become more reasonable but they aren't and DS is more like constant work, not play....unless you disregard trying to win anything and just breed and battle at your own pace which is difficult for me. Oh well.
    Glad to know I was at least not confused! Hopefully, Storm8 will realize their error and either change the total needed or change the prize amounts. I finished all the tournaments and events and breed almost 24/7 and still cannot make it. That sounds like math that needs fixing.

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    Thankfully this month's dragon have the same elements as the Nevermore Dragon offered last year because I certainly will not go for it. 30k parts are too much for a monthly dragon and part of the reason why I may retire from DS soon. All the points brought up in this thread are right. It's turning into a full time job trying to keep up. Something's got to give. Sad thing is I love to help people in the forums and I know quitting will take that away.

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